Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The taotao tano blog

I get most of my Taotao Tano news from the newspapers and their breathless daily updates, but tonight I checked out the TT blog and had a few chuckles. Back in July Brad Ruszala got the NAMBLA endorsement for Saipan's Sexiest Blogger. Taotao Tano gives Angelo Villagomez its continuing endorsement for "Saipan's Best Blogger." Look in the links on the left.

The funniest thing on the Taotao Tano site was a headline about "Out of Control" contract workers, and to illustrate the point they showed a newspaper picture of workers holding hands and the newspaper headline says "Hundreds join prayer vigil." Prayer vigil, now that's my idea of excess. If you look closely there were a bunch of empty Jagermeister bottles -- not really.

On this survey of sites I haven't seen, I also visited Steve Woodruff's overview of the blogosphere where he described my blog as sometimes "offensive or annoying." At the same time, the ball sack/penis poll blog is "lively . . . distinctive point of view . . . energetic . . . creative . . . concerned." That's ok, I enjoyed your dull and prissy blogs, Steve. Thanks for the reminder on why I'd rather hang out with Bruce Bateman than walk on eggshells around depressing politically correct liberals -- perhaps the one group more loathsome than the neo-cons. Here are some adjectives you forgot for that other blog: "cowardly ... predictable ... whiny ... a clear example of what is possible when boredom, fixation and jealousy meet long term unemployment ... dull ... routinely mean spirited ...gutless... focused on other bloggers to the point of obsession ... clearly has a crush on Bruce Bateman."


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I don't think you've ever written a single thing that is truly offensive. Maybe controversial, but no offensive.

dekada lawyer said...

Golly, gee, gosh, Jeff! Maybe we could market your skin as for use as RO membrane.

Just exactly what are you upset about? That I said something somewhat less than effusively complementary about your blog, or that I said good things about somebody you apparently hate?

Let me get this straight. You characterize your own writing as "hypercritical" and you are offended that I say your excellent blog is "sometimes offensive or annoying"?

You don't think many could find some of your "New Rules" -- a regular feature for you -- a tad disagreeable? Might not some consider some of them even to be in bad taste? You never pick on anyone?

I don't ask anyone to be politically correct, and I will choose when I wish to be and when not. Neither would I ask you to walk on eggshells, but I will reserve the right to call them as I see them.

Just so you will feel better, let me state for the record that Bruce Bateman's newspaper columns are often -- even usually -- offensive or annoying.

You will also note that Mr. Bateman's blog hasn't even made it into my "overview of the blogosphere," although I have no special criteria for what is included or excluded (mostly it is just a function of whether it seems worth my time to edit that page, which relates largely to how interesting or useful to myself and others I perceive it to be).

Sorry you find my blogs "dull and prissy." I don't teach writing, just try to help people and serve the public interest. Anyway, I expect you said that tongue-in-cheek, since you also say you enjoyed them. I have never equated hypercriticism with masochism, so I think you're safe.

dekada lawyer said...

Opps, I do have Bruce on my overview of the Saipan Blogoshpere.

Gotta get more sleep.

Jeff said...

I was mostly just breaking your chops back, Steve. I'm not bothered.

But to answer your question, no I don't think there is anything offensive or in bad taste, not even a little bit, about my new rules. I've been around humorless liberals, and they make my skin crawl, and these are with people who you agree with on most things, as I'm sure you and I do.

As for Bruce, yes, he's a bit insensitive sometimes, but there are worse things in the world. As for annoying, I'm sure people find you, me and Bruce, and most anyone, annoying from time to time, so it's just a lame description in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

So a transexual's balls hanging out next to a poll about penis size and you're not offended and annoyed, but this blog offends. I'll call them as I see them, too and I call bullshit. Steve, go to Wendy's blog and I'm sure you'll find enough victim sob stories to satisfy.

dekada lawyer said...

I've been to Wendy's blog many times.

I'm not interested in victim sob stories, but there are victims (everywhere, not just Wendy's blog).

I defend and advocate for both victims and non-victims. I believe in justice and human dignity.

Never saw the "transexual's balls hanging out next to a poll about penis size" but would not dispute the suggestion that is at least a tad offensive.

You're right, Jeff. We agree sometimes and disagree sometimes ... and a lot of it never gets on the boards because we don't comment on everything.

I described Jeff's blog, perhaps somewhat lamely as he suggests (that's why you are the writing teacher, Jeff), not complain about it.

dekada lawyer said...

Okay, Jeff, I've updated my description of your blog to make it less lame. Here it is.