Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Updated shows updated again

My summer woodshedding, by my standards of performing at least, on the local comedy circuit has been going reasonably well. Restaurant shows are tough, but Dillon's on Cental went ok. Not nearly the disaster I had at Dos Gringos. LMAO Phoenix is quickly becoming the biggest and best crowd in the valley. I had my best set to date there in late May. Hidden House is still great. My last set there went ok, but I flubbed some things and wasn't as prepared in my delivery as I should have been. I'm very curious to see what my friends Steve Marek and Jamie Sanderson do with Monkey Pants in Tempe. So far they seem to be rocking it. Check out the podcasts those guys are doing on local comics. It is available on Itunes and on the link by their names.

LMAO/Arizona Virtual Studios May 23 East Phoenix
Film Bar Phoenix May 24 Central Phoenix
Dillon's Comedy on Central June 1 North Central Phoenix
Hidden House June 2 Central Phoenix
Monkey Pants June 9 Tempe
LMAO Phoenix June 27, East Phoenix
Hidden House June 29 Phoenix
Monkey Pants June 30 Tempe
Film Bar Phoenix July 5 Central Phoenix
Shout House, July 12 Glendale
Monkey Pants and Hidden House July 14 (Two this night in that order.)
Shout House, July 19 Glendale
Hidden House July 27 Central Phoenix
Manuel's Cantina July 28 North Phoenix
The Comedy Spot July 31 Scottsdale
Monkey Pants Comedy, August 11
Hidden House Comedy, August 18
The Comedy Spot August 28 Scottsdale
Hidden House Comedy, September 1 Central Phoenix

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Richard Turbitt, KIA 4-20-68

My second cousin, Richard Turbitt (second from left), was killed in action in Vietnam on his twentieth birthday in 1968. He was there for a bit less than a year. I never heard much about him growing up and surprisingly didn't ask questions. I was fascinated by that war and read tons about it at a very young age. This is the only reference I could find on the internet that showed him, and didn't just make a reference to his name on a wall. Thanks to veteran Tom Ford for sharing it.