Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam Kinison The 9th Annual Young Comedians Special

One of the most revolutionary six minutes in comedy history. Another Hendrixian loss.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Wow, everything is on YouTube. I can't believe you dug this up. I remember that when it was on cable, it was hilarious. Around '86-89 or so, yeah? If I remember right, a young Jim Carrey was on that show as well.
I saw Sam live a year or so later, not long before he died, he was so wasted he sucked royally, was way too vulgar to the crowd and half the audience left before the show was over.
But this bit will always be remembered. I'll probably heist this and paste to my site as well for keepsakes.

Jeff said...

I had the chance to see him not far from my college dorm in 1990 as a freshmen, and made the absurd decision to save the $10 because I was a broke ass college student. One of my huge regrets.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I remember seeing this live on some cable comedy channel 20 odd years ago. It was a hoot then and I've quasi quoted his bit many times in the intervenng years. What a great comic.

Reality: 1. The dumb fucks are still living in the desert.

2. The do-gooders are still carrying food to them.

3. The commercial makers are still generating a good deal of cash off the traveling tent show.