Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let them eat cake

I love this message. The commonwealth can't handle poor people making a little more money. It's even worse journalism because it only gets the perspective of rich government bureaucrats bought and paid for by business interests. Those annoying poor people don't have much of a spokesman, so it's "unanimous" that a .50 cent increase is a bad idea and the commonwealth can't handle it. Go walk around Kobler, San Antonio and Dandan Agnes Donato and see if it's unanimous there instead of the lazy way and just reporting this administration's viewpoint from some email they sent you -- an administration that barely got elected two years ago and whose party just got massacred in the last election.

Is it really so much better to have the highest food, gas and medicine prices in America on the lowest wages in America? Here is one thing this government can't sustain: $500,000 to the Rota Mayor to dole out to friends for this casino when the commissioner of education is saying they don't have the money to open schools next August or make payroll past June. Let's see if Taotao Tano Greg Cruz blasts this one. My bet is no.

As to the part of population declines, good. This place doesn't have the infrastructure (load shedding anyone) to handle the population it has, and God forbid we lose some of those $3.55 per hour jobs. Don't run off with all those Mcjobs, please. The $16.50 thing I suppose is some kind of nonsense about percentage increase. Yes, because our minimum wage was so scandalously low before and for so long. Essentials like food, power, medicine and gas aren't cheaper here -- they're more. If anything, our minimum wage should be higher than the mainland to account for that fact. “I think any major stakeholder in the wage issue will agree that the next increase should not be implemented, " the Governor's Press Secretary Charles P. Reyes, Jr. said. Again, go ask the broke parents of my students from Dandan, Kobler and San Antonio. They're not major stakeholders, so I guess they don't matter, but I don't think it is quite so unanimous among the working or non-working poor.

'Suspend further wage hikes'

Armed with the federally prepared wage hike impact report, the Fitial administration vows to lobby intensely against the next scheduled increase in the local minimum wage.

“Just about everybody is in agreement that the Commonwealth cannot sustain additional increases to the minimum wage. We will do everything in our power to communicate this message to the U.S. Congress,” press secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. said yesterday.

In its report submitted to Congress last Friday, the U.S. Department of Labor said that raising the local minimum wage to the federal level would have adverse impacts on employment and lead to additional population declines in the Commonwealth. Increasing the CNMI wage to $7.25 an hour, the report said, is comparable to raising the U.S. minimum wage to $16.50 an hour


Jimbo said...


Another nice one...I'm glad somebody pointed out the biased journalism.

Also, very much enjoyed the pieces on your conversation with Jim and hike to Forbidden--don't know about you, but I am somewhat hopeful about the upswing of this place...less people; pure, natural beauty; and frontier-like economic potential...sounds good to me.

Thanks again for writing, Jimbo

Mr. PNG'ed twice? said...

Our reporting here is horrific and they have less balls than our lawyers and legislators when it comes to the facts vs a propaganda spin. One paper is owned by Tan and reads like a factory paper and the other guys are sympathetic, or or cowardly pathetic, like the march, it depends on who you ask.

We need the minimum wage hike regardless of what business says. Since when does big business represent anyone but themselves?

Hey Jimbo, if the population drops enough we may acquire beach property for coconuts!

The smear campaign the Fitial administration is pasting everywhere now is a strategy to send to the US that we have had public meetings on the new law. 10k plus marched against PL-15-108 and 130 marched for.

Jeff - Your last article was a 2008 Pulitzer potential!

Jimbo said...

I'm guessing png = persona non-grata in which case...


Just picked up another 1,100 sq. m's for $2.36 each...you got anything for that much or rather that little?

Jeff...any thoughts on Article 12? You probably couldn't guess where I stand...

Jeff said...

I've hit Article XII before:


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Some of the letter writers are pretty terrible, too. I've been saying it for years.

bradinthesand said...

it's common sense...