Friday, January 25, 2008

More PSS woes

Here are the LAST four graphs of the PSS story in today's Variety:

The school system’s FY 2006 budget was cut by $2 million which the
administration promised to restore. “We can’t add personnel, we can’t even
replace some positions, and this may affect the regular opening of schools in
August,” Borja said.PSS has a current budget of $37.2 million of which $35
million is available for personnel following the across-the-board budget cuts
caused by the government’s declining revenue collections.“That’s already a
shortfall of over $2 million,” Borja said. “With the present number of personnel
actions that we have processed, we will have a shortfall in pay period 18 or
sometime in June.”


Anonymous said...


This news surprises you? How long have you been working there now? How long have you been on Saipan? Every year it is the same darn thing: budget gets cut, administration complains, teachers get screwed. Typical day at PSS!

Jeff said...

No, it doesn't surprise me at all -- maybe the bottom graph part.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Come to Godfather's tonight for EJ's going away party!

Betty said...

Hi Jeff,
Not that it makes a huge difference, but according to my notes from the BOE meeting, Lori Grizzard reported we will run out of funds in pay period 19, on August 18th. Whether it's June or August, this is definately cause for concern and it's good we are addressing it well in advance this time around.