Friday, January 04, 2008

Mike Hukabee --- huh?

On the front page of the New York Times under Associated Press stories is this headline: Police Are Called to Spears Home. This kind of nonsense is worse than Angelo Villagomez attracting borderline pedophiles to his blog looking for naked pics of Vanessa Hudgens. Whatever happened to smart people interested in sophisticated things? Do so many people have to be such rubes and simpletons?

And speaking of simpletons, is it just me or even given the low standard of Republicans, isn't it a little bit difficult to believe that a goober like Mike Hukabee just won the Iowa Caucus? He's an ordained minister, for the surge and the war, against abortion rights, for unlimited guns for all those people with small penis issues who are so drunk on fear they need two dozen guns to feel safe, he's for the death penalty and thinks he is God's choice to be president, which explains his political turnaround in his peculiar world view. Great, a messiah complex. He's George Bush, but even more stupid and misguided. Do we still have that many unsophisticated people in America? And even if you believed all that Christian evangelical nonsense, how does the death penalty and the war fit into that? The Christians came out and supported the guy who wants to kill people. That makes total sense. If he's even the nominee after eight years of Bush, I want to trade my passport for most any western European passport, throw up my hands and yell "no mas."


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The mainstream media just knows what I know. They know what sells.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Must be something in the water in Arkansas. Same extremeism, different side of the coin this time.

Lets see how I do:
Surge - bad
war - bad
abortions - good (even if it does mean a bit of killing) (Both parents must agree)
unlimited guns - good.

The euro passport may be the only answer, Jeff. But don't expect an enlightened electorate when you get there. Front page of the London Times will read "Gina Lolabrigitta reborn - photos on page 2 and 3 and 5. Dy lives!!

Not to worry, this is just the opening salvo. Plenty of time for electorial silliness yet.

Brady Barrineau said...

Huckabee who? Honestly, Obama's kind of a religious nut job as well Jeff. I don't know if you support Obama, but he has spoken of God's will more than once. The only thing that Hillary has going for her campaign is the fact that we get Bill-for free!

Jeff said...

The Dems haven't pandered on that issue with the gay baiting and the freaking out on Janet Jackson's tit or banning stem cell research or important things like prayer in school and all that righteous bullshit the right has used to get bumpkins to vote against their own economic interest and allow Republicans to go on a feeding frenzy of government pork in Iraq.

Bill Clinton pandered just enough with the God thing in words, not actions, to neutralize that ridiculous non-issue. I don't know many Dems who have publicly stated the Earth is a few thousand years old or think the jury is out on evolution or other intellectually laughable positions like that. When you are on the side of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, that's generally a good sign you've been on the wrong side.

Brady Barrineau said...


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Democrats only talking about God because it polls well. They are all actually godless, anti-male, baby killer whores. All of them. No exceptions. Even Grandma.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Hukabee. Did you just figure out that the best people don’t run for president? Who’s the simpleton here?
As for guns and small penises………. Too bad they can’t marry an Asian woman; maybe their gun fixation will go away. Nothing like a tiny woman to make a little man with a small dick feel like a real man… huh?
No guns. Everyone’s satisfied except maybe the Asian women.

Jeff said...

All Asian women are small? Really? And who's stopping the gun nuts from Asian women? And twenty guns to feel safe, yeah, they have dick issues and other issues. You want one, two, three, fine. You need twenty plus guns, there's something wrong with you.

This is the nature of anonymous comments. Brings out the crackpots.

Anonymous said...

Jeff- change the name of your blog to "my unfettered cliche driven diatribe". Honestly, for an educated guy, you sure like to spout oversimplifications, generalities, and yes, cliches. Sheesh! And what makes you think a West European country would have you? You don't pay enough taxes.

Jeff said...

Which begs the question of why are you reading it again and again if it's so bad? Do you go to the restaurants you don't like repeatedly?

Do me a favor in the future and stay away. I have a "no anonymous dickweed" policy here that I occasionally make the mistake of violating.

Brady Barrineau said...

John Holmes had an arsenal of guns, and I'm not entirely sure he had a small dick.

Jeff, you'll hate most Western European countries. Their health care system is MUCH worse than America's, and teachers are a dime a dozen. (Michael more is a very rich white man who can make movies to suit his own agenda, and yes he was born into a very well to do family)

I am voting for Obama. You might be surprised but Obama is not really all that liberal, and will certainly make tough unpopular choices if he has to, at least that's what I believe.

Oh, people you don't know personally who put alias down for names are EXACTLY the same as anonymous, so you should let everyone post here.

Jeff said...

It didn't end up too well for John, did it?

The only dickwad comments come from the anonymous. I didn't design this to be an open forum for trolls, but as a place to offer my thoughts. I'm not going to entertain and provide a forum for anonymous wusses hiding in the woodwork trying to aggravate and divert the conversation to bullshit. I don't need and won't tolerate that kind of headache. It's my blog and I get to do what I want here, and that's what I choose. I've been open about that. There are blogs where people can bitch all they want about me, Bruce or Angelo, and those things can stay there.

As for Michael Moore, I can't think of anyone who has done as much good as he has over the last several years. I'm surprised you'd have a negative vibe for a guy who sticks it to the establishment as effectively as he does. You never struck me as that corporate.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Plus, as the most popular bloggers on Saipan, we have a responsibility to filter out some of the noise. Take the Saipan Tribune for example, they chose not to publish Ron Hodges' call to arms. Think how much happier he'd be if Zaldy had chose not to publish his letter.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Looks like the phony, self named anonymous bloggers don't even have the balls to stick with their own invented persona and need to come out and post as 'anonymous' every once in a while so as not to draw fire on the rock they hide under.

Brady has it wrong. Because there is no distinction between "people you don't know personally who put alias down for names are EXACTLY the same as anonymous" commenters, we should allow neither, not both.

Now back to the meat. Private gun ownership is not needed to hunt bunny rabbits or to hang them on the wall for public inspection, it is needed to protect ourselves from the group most likely to try to oppress us: our own government. Secondly, it acts as a pretty good deterrent to outside invaders that might try to use conventional means to invade. Even a small population, if committed and well armed is tough to invade successfully. Note Iraq.

A group is far less likely to jump another group that is well armed than one that is defenseless. (Frankly it hasn't been working too well over the last 75 years or so - usurpation of liberties that should be held by the people have steadily been eroded a little at a time. Most seem too comfortable with the circus offerings to resist).

One reason may be that the arms gap is getting too large. 230 years ago a musket and a small bore cannon were about as high tech as it got. An citizen could, and did, own either. Weaponry has advanced (?gotten more lethal?) so much that 'they' can outgun 'us' so the whole point of an armed citizenry probably becomes moot unless parity in destructive power stays pretty close. Which brings us around to the weak point of my argument...what to do about nukes. It may not be the best thing to let Billy Bob (or Albert Einstein) have his finger on the nuke trigger.

This is getting too long.


Brady Barrineau said...

If a blog only allowed users who put their real names down, then Bruce, it would be about five people blogging. You are right though, have the balls to put your name down if you wanna mingle, I say. Even if you disagree.

Jeff said...

I have twenty links to Saipan bloggers on my main page and I've met every one of them. All use their name openly except Middle Road.

Jeff said...

One other thing I find of interest, this is something I, and others, do for fun. We're not charging anyone. This isn't our careers. We have something to say and some people like reading it. Telling me how I should do things on my blog is not much different from me telling you where to dive or what gear to use. If someone acted like a dickweed on your dives, you'd probably not take them on another, and that is a commercial business where more tolerance is expected.

Brady Barrineau said...

I certainly hope that Hillary Clinton does not win the nomination. She wept in NH in a restaurant saying how hard it was to run for President. Imagine if a real crisis unfolded and our President broke down.

Jeff said...

I'd rather someone weep a bit than sit there like a deer in the headlights to find the ending to My Pet Goat for seven minutes after hearing the country was under attack and then deciding to invade the wrong country.

Brady Barrineau said...

You know, one thing that Michael Moore never mentions...Bill Clinton ordered many, many B2 strikes against the Serbs, yes, killing thousands of innocent civilian in the process. This is a real fact about what being the President means...sometimes tough choices have to be made, and very unpopular ones. I believe that Obama can make tough choices when necessary, I hope. We all should hope.

Jeff said...

Actually MM lays into Clinton pretty good in Dude, Where's My Country.

Most liberals such as myself aren't exactly thrilled with the spinelessness of the Dems over the years. It's just that the modern Republicans are so fucking vile and revolting with the religious pandering and doing everything humanly possible to screw over the poor and middle class that we have to choose the much lesser of two evils.

As for the Serbs, from what I recall they were trying to exterminate the Croats in what most people consider a genocide. Clinton succeeded in putting an end to it, and did so in a politically palatable way, which was kind of his trademark. He certainly found a better solution than Bush is in Iraq and he didn't do it to enrich the oil companies and give away public money to friendly firms without any oversight, which is what is happening in Iraq. Naturally the Republicans tried to stop him because it was Clinton doing it. I wish his wife had his charm. The best thing about her is that is the closest we can get to his third term.

Brady Barrineau said...,2933,48562,00.html


I think that Moore did good for the country, but check out the above links. I had no idea that Moore was a member of the NRA, did you?

Also, look at the links about Clinton (I supported Clinton, and still do), it's a crazy world.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

and how many Americans died in that conflict?

Saipan Writer said...

I like Hilary and hopes she wins the nomination. I think Obama is more like an old-time politician (good at rhetoric and show, but less proven at decision-making) than Hilary is.

Hilary didn't cry as in break down in sobs--listen to the meeting. (and it wouldn't be a big deal if she did--she's not a weak woman.)
She got "choked up" and her voice had a catch in it. Rumors/reports are that she had tears in her eyes. What does this mean? She didn't lose consciousness. She didn't lose her train of thought or rational sense. I think she was tough as nails.

I've got news for you--some women (and these are usually strong, tough, bitching women) cry when they're pissed off, a millimeter from pulling the trigger. Hilary was angry, angry that people insist on misunderstanding her. That's my take on it. I could be wrong, but the voters in NH apparently thought it meant she was just fine.

She's not Bill, Jeff. I think she's better. As smart or smarter, strong-minded/willed, experienced, and liberal.

Jeff said...

I think she's as smart. I don't think she's as likable, charming, politically shrewd or as gifted an orator as he is. I think she's very cautious and corporate, and I was specifically revolted by her support on that awful bankruptcy bill written by the credit card companies and passed in the senate with much Hillary support that I'm sure you, as the island's most pure liberal, were not in favor of.

On the plus side, I don't think she's as horney, not that I consider horney a negative in a person other than when you're a president with great potential and your horniness interferes with all the good you can do because it gives ammo to repressed whack jobs with nothing better to do than bring you down.

Jeff said...

Michael Moore shows his NRA card to Charlton Heston in Bowling for Columbine, which I've seen many times, so I was aware.

I'm not an expert on Croatian politics to put it mildly, but I do know the consensus was genocide and we should do something. It's hardly surprising a Right Wing think tank like the Cato Institute has a different view.

All I know is that when Bill was president, gas was cheap, there was no yearly deficit, we weren't at war under dishonest pretenses, stocks went up, there was some mild restraint on corporate feeding at the public tit (hardly total restraint) and I wasn't embarassed to be American. His biggest fault apparently was he liked to get blown by young women, which puts him company with 99 percent of guys and the one percent that lie about it.

That all changed when the guy with the most votes lost to the guy the Supreme Court installed and president shit for brains ran amok, as many have documented. I agree with what you said before about presidents having to sometimes make tough, violent and morally dubious decisions.
No president will be a saint.