Friday, January 11, 2008

My memories from the olden days of 2003

No one asked me, maybe because I've only been here five years, but here are my memories from yesteryear.

Brad Ruszala driving and owning that power blue Mustang Convertible that those two Japanese ladies first had and drove on that relentless commercial with Uncle Ben on the old Visitors Channel.

When I both was young and energetic enough to be at Dai Ichi, now Fiesta, on Thursday nights for TGIT, which I went to a lot when I first got here as it was the place to be.

When you could actually drive in the area that is now the Paseo, and during my first week on island, never having lived in a small place, and at that time being very much single and childless, chatting up the ladies at Mermaid when a pick up truck full of my seniors drove by, saw me and yelled their encouragement. I got the message I was in a small place.

When I would hang out with Shelly Storelee, Renee Semik, Chad Griebenow, Jon Smith and Jason Gay at the old Sam's, now Wild Bills, and saw the Big Beats play like three times a week. Mark and Lovely are now gone from that band. Those friends are also all long gone from Saipan, but I'm still in contact with all of them. Only Brad Ruszala remains from the people I hung out with there. Jason Gay is teaching in Borat's country.

When power was included in my first apartment, and didn't cost $200 per month to run one air conditioner in one small room with the hot water heater turned off 90 percent of the time, not to mention the power would stay on for the most part, especially on nights like last night without any sign of wind or rain -- yet there I was last night making dinner to candlelight and I wasn't trying to be romantic. Those were the days.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Brad still owns that Mustang convertible and it is in process of being restored and customized right now. Soon to be completed. You'll see him squiring around town in the hot-mobile once again.

Power won't be 24/7 for the forseeable future. Forget it.

Make the most of those candlelight dinners!!

Anonymous said...

those "two japanese ladies" were not both japanese. one was Janet King the newly hired public defender. she was also ms. CNMI in early 2000, 2002 maybe.

Shelly said...

Jason Gay's in Borat's country?? Are you saying that he wrestles naked with other men or he's moved to Kazakhstan, I'm hoping the latter, but tell me more!