Sunday, January 27, 2008

Play in March

I wrote a piece for this play, and if I can get it together, will have my acting debut. Barbara is an impressive woman with tremendous theater knowledge. I'm looking forward to working with some of the folks involved, and I would encourage others to assist in this production.

The theater group Voices of the Marianas is coming back with a new show in March 2008. This year's piece is called “The Play Buffet: A Little Something Everyone's Taste.” It is a follow-up to “In Transit: Stuck in an Airport,” which played to sold out audiences last year.

Like its precursor, the new play is a variety of original stories. “Some are taken from people's real lives, some from their imagination,” said producer and director Barbara Sher.The performance is scheduled for the first two weekends in March and will be at the American Memorial Park's Visitors Center. Tickets will cost $5 each.Sher invites people to volunteer and be part of the production. “Although much of the play is set, we are still open for new pieces, actors and crew,” she said. Those interested may email Sher at

“In Transit,” the first production by the Voices of the Marianas, was an original piece written by the actors. It took place at the airport where the passengers-all from a variety of cultures-were stuck because of a typhoon warning. To pass the time, the characters told stories of their experience in the islands.“We were hoping, during rehearsals, that we would get, at least, our friends to come see our show", recalled Sher, “so we were surprised and delighted to have sold out performances every night and standing ovations.”

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saipanboonieman said...

if its anything like "in transit", its gonna be great!