Monday, October 29, 2007

Who is Greg Marshall

This douche bag with the Pragmatic Plato blog claims to be someone named Greg Marshall, who is "just under 50 percent NMD and was raised here all my childhood to early adult life." Perhaps the under 50 percent NMD thing explains the casino fixation, though it is indeed a bad proposal. Just wondering, has anyone ever heard of a Greg Marshall, or is this another lie by this wanker?
"Since you insist on knowing my true birth name in order to stop fixating on the
anonymity factor then so be it. I am Greg Marshall. I was not born on Saipan. I
am, just under 50% NMD. I was raised here all my childhood to early adult life.
I moved off island after graduation for college. "
Update: Turns out Plato just admitted he lied. Lying to illustrate a point, he says. I'm not surprised. A lying statue who impersonated a friend and is afraid to stand behind his own opinions wants you to boycott Bruce Bateman, but it doesn't matter who he is because you'll just make it personal, but "boycott Bruce Bateman" he says. Gotta love the crackpots the internet brings out.

"No. I am not Greg. I knew him well while I was growing up here, therefore I am
sure he will not mind me using his name to illustrate a point (I did your name
justice Greg :-)). "

Here is his other quote from Plato about Bruce. Remember, he's anonymous "to keep it on the issues not the person": "GO TO HELL! YOU MONEY GRUBBING SCUM!"


lil_hammerhead said...

I knew a Greg Marshall here many years ago. I don't haven't seen him in ten or more years and I didn't think at the time he had any "haole" blood in him. But then I never asked where he got his last name.

Anonymous said...

Greg Marshall is the inventor of the "crittercam"

lil_hammerhead said...

Penny Marshall's brother? :)

lil_hammerhead said...

May I ask Jeff.. how'd you find out PP was Greg? Just curious.

bigsoxfan said...

The moon is full and Bruce has been missing from the action lately. Nah..

Jeff said...

He said so. Just wonder if it's another lie.

Genealogist said...

What is "just under" 50% Northern Marianas Descent?

3/8 (37½%) doesn't seem to cut it.

7/16 (43¾%), maybe?

Do I hear 15/32 (46⅞%)?

marianas life said...

when's the next round of drinks at porky's anyway? its been too long:)

Rick Jones said...

I'm with Bree, let's all grab a drink at Porky's before Plato and the other philosophers put Bruce out of business

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Philosophers welcome at Porky's; even ones with pee pee on them. Although we may ask them to sit outside if their toga hasn't been to the wash lately.