Thursday, October 18, 2007

A new mantra

My friend and long ago journalism professor Ernie Wiggins, whose friendship I've been fortunate enough to maintain for twelve years now, had a short blurb that was nothing Earth shattering in its insight or especially sonorous as a piece of dialogue, but it has really stuck with me and become a conscious mantra of mine since I read it last month.

"I was introduced to the "no-bullshit principle" when I was finishing college back in the mellow '70s. I ran into an acquaintance after a year of not being in touch, though I'd promised I would."I've been meaning to write," I said with what I hoped was a convincing amount of contrition, and expected him to say, "That's fine."Rather, he smiled and said, "People do what's important to them. I accept that." And he walked on."

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