Saturday, October 06, 2007

The American Media bites worse than Guam Airport

The American media is just appalling. There really isn't any other word for it. Unless your head is buried deep up your tail, it should be obvious that there are countless problems in the U.S. that should be the laser like focus of the election, but here is where the conversation is now, Barack Obama and a flag lapel on his suit. A few months back we had the John Edwards haircut media cycle. Now this. Way to focus on the issues guys.

The fact that people exploit patriotism for political gain is more offensive than Obama's lack of lapels. Bush flying in with the flight deck with the Mission Accomplished banner like Caesar when he was ducking Vietnam is gross. Rudy with his endless 9/11 photo ops even when he put his command center in the WTC when everyone told him not to is revolting. This Obama episode is the kind of phony, media bullshit issue that distracts from serious issues: the oil addiction, being ranked twentysomething in education and health care, our leading role in emissions that cause Global Warming, our global unpopularity brought on by our wretched president and his expensive, endless war, and a massive debt financed by an oppressive government in China. That's what the conversation should be about, not this crap --- again.
Damn teachers. W isn't Bubble U anymore. The teacher at my son's daycare taught Alex the right way. I thought it was too cute to correct for now. If color yeah o becomes yellow, the second shoe will have dropped.


Boni said...

That's exactly how I felt when the Ooster Bunny went away!

glend558 said...

The media puts out what the people read and watch, so its the public's fault for the material produced. The lapel pin will fade away as soon as Paris, Britney or Linsey does something stupid again.
Back to the pin...Isn't it great how we all can have our own ideas and ideals and are free to exibit them, that is the true story..
(picture a US flag here)

lil_hammerhead said...

I don't know about that. I call it the "pet rock" syndrome.. If you put something on tv enough, people will want it and believe they actually like it. Watch MTV or listen to power 99 for a week, you'll find yourself humming something that you swore was garbage at the beginning of that week. There's something to be said about repitition. If Fox wanted to run stories on Iraq every day and they did.. people would tune in and be just as interested as they are in what's happening with Britney's kids. Problem is, media like Foxnews does not want you to see stories about Iraq and thus it blows up the lapel, spears, OJ, and Paris stories. Keep us occupied with the shiny objects, hoping we lose focus on the dirt.

EJ said...

i like your blog

no_knee said...

Government and media are largely corporate functions in America. It's been that way for a long time, certainly since the '30's. The US has been at war fairly constantly since the '70's, but people are much more familiar with J. Travolta and 'Saturday Night Fever' than Ollie North, the Contras or the first time we got into it with Iran. There were gas shortages in the '70's and '80's and a special CIA report on the severe effects of global warming in '74. The media and government have done an excellent job of keeping it all off our screens, especially lately. That's what best fits their agenda.

Remember when you couldn't turn on your TV without seeing a picture of Monica Lewinsky?

Pilgrim said...

Or O.J.? Wait.. we still are seeing O.J.