Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Educational Roundtable

There will be an educational roundtable featuring Board of Education candidates 7:00 pm Wednesday 10/17 at the San Vicente Elementary School Cafeteria. This will be the third, final, and I believe, most important of these discussions I will be moderating. Audience questions can be submitted as well.


marianas life said...

i'll try to be there. will be a little late though. i want to know about subs!!! i'm tired of this.

lil_hammerhead said...

Comeon now.. that's exactly the problem. Everyone has there own little peeves, there own little problems, and rather than look at the bigger picture and consider sacrificing and focusing on the larger and more important issues, we tawdle with "I want to know about the subs". Employees are using there money to buy work supplies, their personal cars and fuel to attend to business, many employees have had loads of additional work dumped on them due to the nonfilling of vacancies - but not a single slight payraise since 2000, the hospital needs doctors and supplies, police officers need training, cuc needs new generators. There are many problems.. it's time we come to the table to address the big stuff. Not the fact that I've bought hundreds of dollars of office supplies out of pocket over the last year, or X needs a new vehicle, or B needs to address staff development or F is tired of the lack of substitute teachers. It's time to be bigger than that right now.

These roundtables are important. Everyones little problems just get lost in the mix, aren't the biggest concerns and only serve to muddy the water. Let's make sure up and coming leaders and those that want to be re-elected know that we want them to tackle the bigger problems. Not send them off with their little pet projects that they can address and include on their next election resume. "I introduced a bill to provide funding for 30 substitute teachers for PSS".. meanwhile we're still short of doctors and have six months of power during the year.

Anonymous said...

(noni) i agree hammer... everyone has their little issues and concerns. now is not the time for those... our legislature needs to concentrate on the big stuff... power and the economy... period.