Monday, October 15, 2007

For one night our economy was booming

For one night at least, our economy was booming. The Red Cross, probably the best charity organization in the world, had their Club 200 Fundraiser at the Hyatt, and it brought out lots of Saipan celebrities. There were many prizes I didn't get close to winning, though my colleague Autumn Beechler won two tickets to the states. All the bars were hopping, and people were out spending money en masse.

These are the two most important women in my life right now, and both can't look at me, at least in this picture. Cynthia is to the right, and Dr. Linden, who will be delivering my child in April, is to the left. Maybe they are both making a wish that Cynthia has a girl, which Cynthia desperately wants. I'm just hoping for ten fingers, ten toes, good health and that the child doesn't inherit my hair or my Crohn's Disease.

Club V was absolutely packed after the event, and the night didn't end so well, as there was a bad accident and fatality. You can see the blood on the top.
Floyd from the Big Beats performed bringing his classic rock stylings to the evening.

Gin Gridley, the former Miss CNMI, was out and about and in good spirits for this great event.

Tina Sablan, somewhat out of focus, sorry Tina, was in the crowd. There were far fewer politicians out this night than I expected, not that I'm demeaning her by calling Tina a politician just yet.

This was the third time I've worn a tie on this island. The first was my first high school graduation at Southern before I learned it takes something more drastic than that to wear a tie on this island, then my wedding and finally for this event. I didn't quite realize it would be outside, and I was indeed sweating my nuts off most of this night.

Snoop Dogg called and asked Ben Wood for his hat back, but the CNMI goalie/swiss cheese slice won a prize for the dance competition. Kidding Ben.

Jeff Schorr was out cutting some rug with some wild abandon. Here he is recovering.

Brad Ruszala's charmed life continues. He wins a couple hundred bucks and a couple nights hotel. One of the prizes should have been, spend a day as Brad Ruszala.

Boni and Tony Gomez were out having fun also. Here the two lovebirds are out taking a break from their four kids. They are a cute couple I gotta say.

Dr. Norma Ada used her three hours of free time a week to attend the Red Cross fundraiser. Type A's can have fun, too. Here she poses with who I hope is her favorite patient.


Boni said...

Now you've gone and done it. We told the kids we were going to mass. Now they'll know where all their tuition and food money went.

Angelo said...

Sorry I missed. I had fun last year. Oh well, as a Red Sox fan, there's always next year.

bradinthesand said...

so you stopped on the poker parlor on the way to the hyatt, boni?

Boni said...

We were going to mass. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Jeff said...

Praying for the winning ticket Boni.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Nice review, Jeff. But I miss the correlation between sweating nuts and a necktie.

I know that feeling you described about 10 toes etc. I was having those same palpatations prior to Alexander's birth. Oh wow, what if? And damnit what if? Relax, you two have good genes (except maybe the follicle thing) so all will be well.

Jeff said...

Neck ties don't make for comfort or help keep you cool in a hot environment.

Boni said...

But they help your wife get a good grip when it's time to drag you out of a place:)

CNMI Blogger said...

Nice pictures, Jeff. You're right -- Boni & Tony make a cute couple. That's a great picture of you and Cynthia, too.