Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Rule -- Jane Mack

New Rule. If you're a prissy, moralistic, schoolmarm like Jane Mack who assails a popular local actress's reputation with an over the top criticism on a trivial matter, you don't get to expunge history like Bush ala Scooter Libby by deleting the comment that created the shitstorm in the first place and made you look like an ass. (See the now blank space at comment two.) There is this new mechanism in place for screw ups, and they're called apologies. When you screw up publicly, you get to apologize publicly. John McNamara did it for Vietnam, Clinton did it for Monica Lewinsky, though the dude who invented karaoke is still holding out with defiance. But if you're not sorry, and you really do pride yourself on being a self righteous liberal who feels it's OK to tell a theater teacher in one of the most difficult schools imaginable how they should be doing their job, embrace that status and don't play the phony like John Kerry in hunting gear by trying to hide your statement just because "approved" liberals in the theater community thought you were being a jerk.


lil_hammerhead said...

Ouch. I don't think this is going to "encourage" an apology.

I think it is a bit over the top as well, with regard to how harshly you've described, directly or indirectly, Jane Mack.

Jane's been here a long time. I've known her to be a person who volunteers alot of her time, much of this to youth activities, who is generally thoughtful and who isn't the "prissy, moralistic, schoolmarm" you've described her as.

I did not see the comment that was written, so I can't speak on that. I can say that you are not being totally fair as far as your description of Jane goes.

Many folks on the blogs have let loose with words, we may have not been thoughtful enough with. I can't think of anyone on these blogs who hasn't behaved an ass at one time or another. I've yet to see a public apology by anyone for such. I'm still waiting on a number of apologies. This one in particular,

Jeff said...

You didn't see it because she destroyed the record. That's my point.

I didn't say she didn't volunteer her time, either.

I hold to my description.

Jeff said...

And if anyone is over the top, it is you with Angelo. They guy is on vacation. If I were in Thailand I wouldn't concern myself with the bullshit on the Saipan blogs, either.

That post, with four updates, and continuously bringing this up is gratuitous. It's like you're obsessed with Angelo like Plato is with me. You blew out of proportion his closing of his blog. Called him nimrod and brought up herpes. Worse things have been said than what Angelo said about you. He just had the guts to put his name on it -- unlike a lot of people out there.

lil_hammerhead said...

Of course Jeff. I never once attacked Angelo, not once. And was called "dumb" for it. If you give it to me.. you better bet, you're going to get it back 100fold. And it's not an "obsession", it is a reminder.

I've no idea why you'd be so agressive towards me now. Let's be fair once again.. if I called you "dumb", you'd get pretty ticked off. I've seen you pretty ticked off for alot less.

I didn't say you didn't say she didn't volunteer. I simply stated, having known Ms. Mack for many years (but not being any close acquaintance), I think your description of her is incredibly unfair.

Jeff said...

First, you weren't on the scene yet when according to Jane, Brad and I were sexist, then I was racist, then Nahal had her "disgusted and outraged" for staging a play on the third night of a middle school play. I wouldn't have brought this up if the record weren't destroyed. I happen to think she does good work, and I've said so on my blog and in comments more than once. I also think she blatantly lied about me intentionally, and made outrageous accusations about Brad, me and then tried to tarnish Nahal. Then she tried to destroy the record on Nahal when everyone thought she was being an ass. If you've read everything she's said, you might see my point. She is prissy, moralistic and a schoolmarm. She also does good things, too. I'm not saying she's all evil.

As for Angelo, few people have done as much for the CNMI as he has. At the time this went down with you and him, there were daily attacks on him at Middle Road by anonymous people. That's the main reason I'm done with Middle Road. They used his notoriety to draw traffic to their blog, and let a bunch of anonymous people try to tarnish him and others. You probably got lumped in with those people and he probably said what he said in a moment of being pissed. I already said he screwed up there. But you keep this reminder up relentlessly, and he's my friend. This was what, a month plus ago. He's on vacation.

lil_hammerhead said...

And I will continue to be a pest until such time as I recieve that apology. As you stated with regard to Jane Mack.. if you "screw up", you apologize. He is your friend, as you've said, and that is why you are quite biased in your judgements. The incident, for the record, happened well before he departed to Thailand. And he's on almost daily anyways. So please don't be an apologist for him.

I try very carefully to address the post or specific issues brought up in comments. I don't think you will find too many instances with me that don't stick to these two rules. I don't hesitate to call out unfairness or bias when I see it and I expect that when sh@t is thrown at me personally, without any cause.. the thrower will expect it to be chucked right back.

Jeff said...

I am biased, of course. Though I did say he was wrong there.

When you're out in the open like I am, people get to see your biases, which is why being out in the open matters.

lil_hammerhead said...

How about folks just not chuck sh@t. That might work also.

Nahal said...


Hi folks. Some good news. I got a tattoo. :)

Jeff. You are funny.

Lil hammerhead... you kind of scare me.

Lets all just have a big blog party (in real life) and beat the crap out of each other.

lil_hammerhead said...

Sounds good to me! :)

marianas life said...

for the record, i was an ass on my blog and apologized. boni has pictures of the make up. beyond that.....forgiveness doesn't mean you condone the wrong done, but people often fail to live up to our expectations, and apologies or resolutions to conflict sometimes never occur. you have to learn to accept that and move on or continue to let it own you. your choice.

Ms. Dildo said...

For the record, I would like an apology, too. It is a lot worse being called a "peddler of racist-falsehoods" and "evil" than merely "dumb," particularly when the subject of the latter comment is clearly a highly articulate and intelligent person.

Not that hyperbole excuses incivility, but sometimes the joking nature of the comments is obvious.

I've known Ms. M. for years and have always found her to be a well-intentioned progressive, intent on making our community a better place.

If I don't get my apology, I suppose I'll get over it some day. Some of us are more thin-skinned than others, and it's easier to dish it out than to receive it, as many of us are discovering.

Stay in the pink.