Monday, September 03, 2007

Two items for sale

I've got two items for sale. First is a bass amplifier, a Fender Rumble Bass 100. I took my bass home this summer, as I'm hardly playing anymore and this is sitting around. This amp is big enough to gig with, and will definitely annoy your neighbors. It is world's better for half the price of what the music shops here charge. I paid $400 for it and $100 to have it shipped in, and it was still a way better deal than the two music shops on island are offering. I'm selling it for $200 firm. It could also be a guitar amp as well. A bass player needs an amp at least this size to play in a band to be heard. This is a great deal.

The second item is a U.S Divers Conshelf 21 Regulator. It's an older, classic regulator, the type I originally was told no one used anymore, at least that is what someone at Speedy Tertle told me. Someone more informed, Mr. Jerome Wong, told me it was a perfectly good reg. I bought a newer one after getting the bad info, and have never used this regulator. I have seen a lot of people around here using the older regs, so maybe someone might want it. From the bit of research I've done tonight, it is quite the classic Reg. $60 bucks and it's yours. I have a Dacor BCD for $20 as well -- also never used by me. I highly recommend getting the reg serviced before use, as I've never used it and don't know when the last time it was used or serviced.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'm interested in your amp, Jeff. Give me a call.

I have a regulator that makes yours look like the latest in iPod technology by comparison.

I'll post a pic over on my blog so you can compare.

Jeff said...

I'll call you later bruce. I don't have my bass here anymore, so you're going to have to bring a guitar and cord to test it out. That should be a great picture.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Okay, I'll bring my best Keith Richards costume.

Anonymous said...

can you pls. send me pix of BCD at this email what is the size

Harry Blalock said...

Jeff, I'll buy the regulator and the BC, just let me know when to meet you to pay for it.