Sunday, September 23, 2007

BCD's, regulators and paralegals

I'm seeking consumer advice on BCD's, hopefully those under $300. If you have one you are especially happy with, please advise of the brand and model.

On that topic, I had my regulator serviced at MDA in Guam and those guys did a great job and seem to really know their stuff. It was reasonably priced as well, and done quickly.

And on a somewhat similar note, the Green Card adventure is all but complete now for my wife after our interview. I did this whole task on my own, and hired a paralegal here in Saipan named Lina A. Santos-Magofna to look it over, and she was extremely helpful at a very fair price. She pointed out the two or three things I did wrong, and answered the few questions that come up afterward. She works at the law offices of Mailman & Kara, and her email is

If you are doing the whole green card process for a spouse on your own, which recently had a dramatic cost increase, she is highly recommended.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Did you ever find a BCD?

I bought a Scuba Pro "pilot". Seems perfectly adequate for the recreational diving I do. I wish the big side pockets had velcrow closures (now that I lost my dive headlamp out of one of them), but other than that one flaw, I think it is a good ig. Inexpensive too. Just over $200 (I forget the actual amount but less than $250)

Jeff said...

I ordered one online. Won't be here this weekend, but hopefully by the following weekend.