Sunday, September 02, 2007

A must read

Here is a must read. My man Matt Taibbi wrote a long expose on war profiteering in Iraq. The most shocking part is that whistle blowers were demoted and "witnesses were afraid to testify in an effort to recover government funds because they feared reprisal from the government." Can you imagine, the government didn't want witnesses to expose fraud and get the money back to the government because it makes the Bush Administration look bad. $9 trillion in the hole and counting. The whole thing is revolting, and it is a clear expose on the true purpose for Bush's refusal to leave Iraq. Leaving Iraq makes it harder to give away $12 billion a month to friends, which is the true purpose of modern government, giving away money to large, influential corporations whether it is more useful HPV vaccines, or just plain war profiteering described in this piece. Chomsky covers all this as well. The system is so (rhymes with ducked) for normal people.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

That link doesn't work, Jeff. I'd like to read the piece, could you check the link to your original and repost please?

Jeff said...

It works for me. Try again.

Jeff said...

Try the first link, the second is messed up.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks, Jeff. The first one worked just fine. Guess I just didn't go for the link on the left...maybe a Freudian thing.

Meanwhile, that was a revealing read. Discounting half of it as a discontented rant leaves a huge stack of unsolved problems laid at the doorstep of the American taxpayer. Thanks for referring it.

And these are the 'flexible' folks we want running the show out here? As I have said countless times over the years, using only common sense, "When you think things are corrupt here you forget that the average US Senator (not to mention the President) can steal more during an afternoon tea break than the CNMI produces as its GDP for the whole year." Not only do we not have a monopoly on graft, we are pikers in comparison with the US federal system.

Thanks for making my point so well.

Jeff said...

I agree with you, and always have, on that point. The slight difference is that the U.S. has enough wealth that half the population doesn't live below the poverty line there, as they do here, so the consequences aren't as dire. Despite your claim, schools stay open and the power on over there.

To discount half of it as a discontented rant, by the way, would counter your claim on the tea break thing. I don't think it's anything other than a truth the more connected media haven't bothered to focus on given the celebrity scandals that happen all too regularly.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yep, I must agree. Paris Hilton's open toed sandals trump shit filled light fixtures in a US taxpayer funded unusable building in Iraq.

Damnit, where is my contractor's license??!!