Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blog reviews

Here are the five blogs I will review, as per Angelo's request, and I will say what I think is good and bad about them. Time, will, the factor of a small island and the conservativeness of most people getting older and afraid to upset anyone keeps most blogs either short lived or dull.

Angelo's Saipan Blog - Angelo takes a lot of guff, probably because he's so ubiquitous I suppose, but I don't think he is very controversial. He's not all that political, and a lot of people don't get his humor. It's really a northeastern style, so I get it. He has great pictures, videos and I like his humor. He can write well. Not all his topics are up my alley, but some are. I find the celebrity porn aspect annoying, and I wish he'd censor himself less, but he has his reasons.

Ken's SOS Saipan - I thought he was one of the best, and then he disappeared for a long time. I'm surprised he's back and hope he stays. He's bright, knows how to write and chooses important topics.

Bruce's Saipanuvian - I almost never agree with Bruce, and he puts very minimal effort into his blog, but I like to read his nutty opinions. As I've said before, column Bruce can seem like a dickweed, but the real Bruce is a great guy and a good friend.

Matt Taibbi is a journalist for Rolling Stone and one of my heroes. He is doing what I hoped I'd be doing if I stayed in journalism full time. He has been on Bill Maher's show of late, and that is like a Lennon/McCartney combination.

Marianas Dive - This isn't a blog exactly, and even with 10-15 contributors, it's light on content and dead and/or dull for stretches at a time, but I like diving and there are some things of interest here from time to time.

Honorable mention to Brad Ruszala not for his blog, but for his comments on other people's blogs, which he has always put more effort into than his own blog.

I'll tag Galvin, Cinta and Mike Tripp, three people who have a lot to offer the community and should post more.


Chartreuse said...

Cinta has alot to offer the community? What pray tell? More bad laws? More threats to the non-indigenous workforce? Please elaborate.

Jeff said...

Must have been someone else who founded Beautify CNMI, stood up for PAWS and defended a bunch of poor people from a remote island from having their land taken for Pozzolan. None of her life matters because you don't like the labor bill.

chartreuse said...

Poor people from a remote island? Those people haven't lived there since the early 80s. If you offered them a boat to return them, none of them would go.

Cinta's more harm than good.

bradinthesand said...

and she's a great lady, too! love or hate the labor bill, spend some time with cinta and you'll love her. i do.

Jimbo Rayphand said...

I grew up on a remote island in the Mortlocks and if anyone were to give me a big enough boat, I would gladly go and stay.

I'd be willing to bet that given the same, a large number of the Northern islanders would also be happy to go home...your giving too much credit to life in pursuit of the $3.55 minimum wage if you think otherwise.

bigsoxfan said...

Love your work, Jeff. Hope the new arrival, expands rather than limits your vision.

20 yers guest worker said...

This is a great point Mr. Rayphand. Any way we look at it we will be treated fairer than by Cinta's pals, Fitial, Willens, and Siemer. Do those lawyers live in the CNMI? I heard the get paid and live at the hyatt on the CNMI. I have never seen any of these people in 20 years here.

I see Tina often, I see Ron all over Saipan, and the federal employee has his door open every day. I have lived and worked in the NMI for nearly 20 years as a guest worker, and for me, it comes down to whose opinion you trust more on this bill.

Are we to trust Fitial and his cronies, or do we trust Jim Benedetto, Wendy Doromal, Ron Hodges, Mark Hanson, Tina Sablan, and Ed Propste? I think we trust the federal Ombudsman, Wendy, Tina, and Ron.

ps Hypercritical thoughts is moving sharply up the important people of Saipan that we trust list also.

confused said...

Who is the Jollibee male model? Is it Angelo Villagomez, Brad Ruszala, or Jeff?

Jeff said...

Thanks Mark. Appreciate the encouragement and glad you enjoy the Saipan blogs. Best.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I agree that Jim Benedetto is a stand up guy.

scubatripp said...

Jeff if that's a tag it's the lamest one ever without at link to my blog.

Appreciate the kind words though and would like to assure you that since the new year I've been posting much more regularly.

I also post over at another site you recognize here - Marianas Dive, especially in the “local issues’ forum which is only accessible by registered users so people are encouraged to join!

Jeff said...

I'll get the HTML gurus to insert a trumpet call there trippy. My guess is that I'm by far your biggest referral source, and I'm the biggest referral other than Google for Marianas Dive, so quit your bitchin.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Glad to hear you are posting more, Mike, I'll come over more often and take a look.

Where are the rules posted for the blog reviews, Jeff? Am I obliged to review as a result of being reviewed...or must I wait for Georgeous George or Hulk Hogan to 'tag' me?

scubatripp said...

Bruce there's a new pole with your name on it - wait that doesn't sound so good and the visual is even worse.

There's a new opinion poll with your name included in the choices over on

Sorry to disapoint! I don't know about Marianas Dive but you're not the biggest referrer for saipanscuba although you're close and I certainly appreciate your good work and each precious visitor you send my way!

bigsoxfan said...

Cinta caved. Badly. So sorry. Everyone has their price, but a job with labor, after pushing that bill. She did do good things, but I have the feeling she had her own agenda and the well being of the cnmi was second to her personal push. Just my opinion, from far away, but since the redistricting debate/bill, her actions haven't been in line with her published ideas. Maybe Tina will last a bit longer.

Jeff said...

Hate to splash the cold facts on that point of order, but here is your extreme tracking and a comment from a Marianas Dive website admnistrator.;ref2?login=scubasos

All Website Referrers Unique Visitors

212 13.95%
105 6.91%
75 4.93%

At Mark's urging, I checked a few statistics regarding our site. I found them interesting, and thought you guys might as well.

Total unique visits in 2007 (9/10/07-12/31/07): 35,218

Total unique visits so far in 2008 (1/1/08-1/23/08): 8,373

Top referring sites in 2007: 1) Google; 2) Jeff Turbitt's blog; 3); 4) Saipanuvian blog; 5) hafa-dive blog.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I can't have Jeff giving out more referrals than me. Welcome back to my main page links, Mike.

Jeff said...

Celebrity titty surfers love scuba blogs.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'd better go find some bikini girls...

...and I haven't posted any celebrity stuff in months...two to be exact.

Mr. PNG said...

Razala and Turbitt join Unity newcomers to the Master List.

Do you know who I am?

I write the list and spread the word the CNMI Master List is out with new faces, sympathizers, Unity organizers, golfers, divers, clergy, and weathermen.

2008 Master List and representatives of the DCC (decent citizens of the commonwealth)

Jesse Borja, Dr. Ada, Dr. Khorram, Efrain Camacho, Dr. Brostram, Tina Sablan(2007 person of the year 2007), Dr. Stearns, Karen and Dave Borja, Dr. Aldan, Sister Martha, Judge Ed Manibusan, Jerry Custudio, Bonnie Sagana, Wendy Doromal(core ring leader), Jerry Tan(among Saipan‘s most charitable), Ed Propste(Pugua tales), Steve Woodruff, Mark Hanson, Brad Ruzala(women stuffed ballot boxes), Jeff Turbitt(Bald is Beautiful), Jeanne Hodges(screamed racism for 2007 list omission), Randy Steele (Saipan‘s nicest blog), Jeff Taylor(sandbagger), Lupi Manglona, Sister Stella, Lil_Hammerhead (battered blog opponents in 07),The reveler(middle road strikes again), Ruth Tighe (Ruth Tighe says only Wendy and Tina….), Ken Hodson O’Harnett(Son of Saipan WWII hero), Judge Jane Mack(Free speech defender), Jim Benedetto(edged Cohen for NMI man of year 07), Diego Benevente, Hector Sevilla, Rick Kautz, Jess Wabol, Pastor Lee, Father Joe, Nick Sablan, Irene Tantiado(writer of “Humans“), Tony Pellegrino, Jessica Barcinas(work alcoholic for MHS), Bill Weiss , Jaimie Veragas, H.M. Ferdous(picture of a gentleman), Bishop Camacho(top vote getter again and beat gaming…period), Malou Berueco(Unity core organizer), Richard Miller(defender in landmark CNMI case), Dr. Ashlee Elizabeth Moore - General Surgeon, Vince Cabrera, and The Last Weatherman

Leading vote getters

1. Bishop Camacho 15,498

2. Tina Sablan 15,132
3. Sister Stella 14,947

Others receiving votes

Governor Fitial 6
Dick Pierce 2
Bruce Bateman 2
Harry 2
Goro 130
Deanne Siemer 2
Howard Willens 2
Angelo 3 (2 votes challenged, the puppy and EJ citizenship)
Stanley steamer 1108
Glenn 1231

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Again, what about Mr. Kim?