Thursday, February 28, 2008

School might start in September, more bad ideas abound

I got word yesterday that PSS is contemplating changing the school calendar to start school in September instead of the usual August date. This is, surprise, surprise, a fiscal scheme designed to skip a month of paying teacher salaries. They'll still have to pay the same amount and have the same number of school days, but doing this buys them a month to come up with the cash. I would expect a lot of teachers, many of whom through bad financial planning live paycheck to paycheck, will bail on this place and going this direction will merely create a staffing problem, but here is apparently the latest bad idea being kicked around. A three month summer vacation should at least help get people to paint the island, spray paint that is.

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Richard "Hawk" Haugh said...

Common Jeff - you got to understand it is not easy robbing Peter to pay Paul who owes Mary whom she owes.... Yay unfortunantly 2 problems (besides others will occur... 1) Teachers that do not budget themself properly will be hurting. 2) Longer off island vacation break leads to longer stateside job hunting times... the better off teachers (with nothing at stake in Saipan) will bail! Looks like JROTC is going to be holding down the high schools during the 3 months!