Monday, February 04, 2008

Final word on the monkey picture

I haven't read monkey picture's blog and could not give a shit less. I never will read it again. It's shallow, trivial, juvenile and nasty, and it always was. She-he is indeed dead to me. When she-he comes out of her gutless anonymous closet, maybe we'll discuss fairness. I don't know what she-he is whining about and don't care. Anyone who would believe a monkey's picture is probably not someone I'm concerned about. She-he is too embarassed to put a name to what she-he says, and it's not like she-he has any job to be concerned about. She-he is never appearing here, ever. It's not that I can't handle she-he's challenges, we're talking about someone pretty stupid after all, it's that unlike she-he, I have a job and a life, and she-he is so unhinged nothing productive could possibly come of it. Obsess all you want in your blog. I'm not paying attention. I don't have time for you. This is the last time I will ever discuss you. Go find a good therapist.

1 comment:

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Welcome to the club.

I've been saying it for years...the best way to deal with the monkey picture whacko is to ignore him/her/it.