Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vegans and poseur Dems

"Vegetarians and their Hezbollah like splinter faction the vegans are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit.”
- Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

I read a couple of interesting things today. There is a story in the New York Times about differing views on diet choices impacting modern dating relationships. The story used the above quote from Anthony Bourdain, a personal pantheon member and author of just about my favorite book this decade: Kitchen Confidential. I dated a vegan for a short while once, against my own better judgment, and my tolerance for the vegan mindset lasted even less time than I expected. When she turned down Jimi Hendrix for a second time that was the final assault on good taste, so I ended the relationship on the spot. This piece reminded me of my recent thoughts on humorless liberals and liberals I have no use in being around in general. Vegans are real high on that list, at least pushy vegans. I suppose there are right wing vegans out there somewhere, but none I've ever heard of. Arin Greenwood is the lone exception I can think of to that rule. She is the more tolerable branch, a vegetarian.

Also, Matt Taibbi has a great story on how the Democrats have mastered the art of looking like they're against the Iraq War, but haven't done anything close to a serious effort on doing anything to actually stop it. This piece doesn't even expound on the Democrats failure to conduct any real oversight on the various assaults on the Constitution or to impeach the SOB.


KAP said...

Spanish translation for Soylent Green= Soy burger

Bryan said...

I love the Hezbolla comparison, lol, that's classic. I did a post on Vegansexuals a while back which just goes to show how fanatical these folks can be.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I've noticed that most are pasty-complected and seem to be 'sicklier' than most omnivores. Now notice I said 'I noticed'. I'm not claiming some scientific basis, but those traits seem to run in the vegan herd.

To each his own.

Mike said...

I, too, greatly enjoyed Kitchen Confidential. I don't so much mind vegetarians, and we all probably should try and be more like them, I suppose. But vegans creep me out a bit, except for Walt, because his Jamaicaness cancels out his veganitude.