Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Rule Greg Cruz

New Rule. Both local newspapers need to see what it is like to publish a paper without the thoughts of Tao Tao Tano Greg Cruz. You couldn't get a greater assault on grammar and writing if you had Ambrose Bennett ghost write a Bush State of the Union. Cruz makes as much sense as the black KKK member on the Chapelle show-- a worker's rights advocate fighting tooth and nail for our local government's right to continue to bloat the labor supply and keep his people's pockets emptier than the Paseo De Marianas. The day I need Greg Cruz's thoughts on dentistry with my morning java is the day I need to sign up for a seminar with Professor Brad Ruszala on the virtues of monogamy.


saipanboonieman said...

i believe brad is acutally hosting one next week. you can still get in if you hurry and register... :-P

but yeah, greg sure has been sounding a lot like the kkk. why do they keep publishing his junk anyway?

Boni said...

Hey, leave Brad alone. Or at least be grateful for the opportunity to live vicariously through him:) BTW, did Tony and I leave our corkscrew at your place?

bradinthesand said...

great low prices (and standards), enroll today!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

They keep publishing it, boonieman because he has a message and ideas to contribute to the political and social dialog. Even though he is inarticulate, and not a polished writer, he still should have access to the press. (Unless he decides to bomb the power plant instead of touring it).

I give him a great deal of credit for muddling on and trying to get his message across, even in the face of what I would have to call a disability. Whoever his English teachers were, they did him a disservice.

One other point, since I don't speak Chamorrow, I don't know whether he comes off as inarticulate in that, his first language. Maybe he sounds eloquent in the vernacular. I don't say this facetiously. Have you heard him speak in his own language?

All that said, I must agree with Jeff, that whatever his politics and whatever his message and whatever his right to the press, I won't be letting him fill any cavities for me.


Brad? Monogamous? Recalls an old movie....The Day the Earth Stood Still.

glend558 said...

Boonie, because you still read it!
Ha Ha. Cruz will self destruct.

Jeff said...

I am grateful, Boni. I have no knowledge of your corkscrew, but I'll check.

bradinthesand said...

boni is the best! si yu'us ma'asse por su ayuda. and to si jeff, supota i pimpo natibu!

The Last Weatherman said...

My kid wants to watch Brad's Hee Haa blog as if it were Pulitzer Prize quality...I don't get no respect.

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