Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The confused Tao Tao Tano's latest propaganda film

There are two new videos out. This one and something about Dekada Boni. I sent Greg this letter.


People leading a group of working class poor people shouldn't have other poor people as their enemy and their demon.

The government you want to have such control bloated your labor supply, kept your wages low, wasted money on junkets, didn't maintain the power plant or plan for the inevitable rise in oil. Those things screwed up this island, not the contract workers. The government took $10 million dollars plus of your tax money and gave it to a corrupt lobbyist to keep your wages at $3.05. There is virtually no private sector business paying living wages, only a bloated, inefficient, unsustainable government bureaucracy without priorities on health, education or public safety.

Your beloved government brought in so many contract workers that guest workers outnumbered indigenous 2 to 1, not the feds. Free trade destroyed the garment factories, and the federalization you so oppose will have the guest workers you so loathe out of here in less than ten years Your government will just continue to bloat the labor supply if given control. It's basic economics Greg, a large supply of anything depresses the price. Are you concerned with the non-connected ordinary person or the government bureaucrat?

How could you not have sympathy for a bunch of poor people and make them the enemy instead of the government for the reasons above? Criticizing this lousy government isn't insulting indigenous people, it's pointing out the obvious.

I can't even begin to understand your motives unless you are just blinded by racism.



glend558 said...

Doesn't it just wanna make you slap them upside the head and say wake up? Can't they see clearly what is happening?
I think you, Jeff, have just told them.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! And speaking of racist nut-jobs, what about racist nut-job John DelRosario's call for violent revolution in yesterday's Trib? Isn't this guy a reservist? He says he'll fight to the bitter end. Maybe he should get his medication balanced.

Jeff said...

Yeah, Del Rosario is horrible, too.

Anonymous said...

Why don't all of these "nuts" get together & have an "Independence rally for the CNMI"? I'd like to see how many would show up! No more food stamps,Capital improvement funds,junkets,hospital funds....etc.,etc...Oh,forgot to mention turning in that Passport that they so despise!

Joe said...

That last comment is from Joe.Forgot password!

Boni said...

If you (anonymous) continue to put down Chamorros because of a small group of obviously ignorant people, then you are doing the same thing they are - contributing to racism and discrimination. I've seen other comments personally attacking GC and making statements alluding to Chamorros being fat and lazy. All kinds of people are all kinds of crazy guys. I get lots of requests for certification for food stamps and they're not all from Cham/Carolinians. I have also seen my fair share of non Cham/Car people on junkets, misuse funds, etc. Let's stay away from this type of negativism. Stick to the topic. Tao Tao Tano does not represent all Chamorros.

bradinthesand said...

john del rosario is libra mae sparks

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Agreed Boni. This whole anonymous bashing that has sprung up lately has turned me off from posting political comments on Jeff's and other's blogs. If you don't have the balls to put your name by it, then you shouldn't be saying it.

Jeff said...

Mine is much more restrained than most. I don't let people attack individuals anonymously and personally.

Victim of Goro Cruz said...

Even though Greg Cruz likes to falsely and uncharitably criticize me in print (jumping to conclusions in the process), I see nothing racist about this particular anti-federalization video.

It is merely a Power-Point style presentation with an old-fashioned end-of-a-movie-reel as the background, with some somber drum-beats for accompaniment.

Why does it warrant racist counter-invective?

Boni said...

True,you've done a good job filtering. I've said some things, but always as myself, good or bad. I've looked for those comments on Middle Road, but they've mysteriously disappeared now. Here are just a few I've managed to find:

Anonymous said...

all you need in this world is love...

and pugua...

and some beer...

and a case of spam.

-Local Proverb

by the way, how far do you think those fat ass pugua chewing smokers can march, anyway?


Some posts have just become a venting ground for racists calling racists racist!

Jeff said...

I agree it's going on, but this isn't the place.

Joe said...

I did post my name right below anonymous! "Joe". And what is racist about calling for an "Independence Rally"?

john said...

Boni makes a valid point about racism. It appears to me that if anyone disagrees or expresses his or her views which is not in the same position as US mainlanders they are always labeled as racist.

The other thing that is so obvious is the statement of giving up food stamp and all that when in fact the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of Belau receives federal assistance programs.

Would Senator Pete Reyes be a racist if he said that he will not repeat the same mistakes as former Governor Babauta by hiring US mainlanders for government jobs if he were Lt. Governor and instead put more qualified local islanders under his office? Would any of you still vote for him because of that?
I would still vote for Senator Reyes because I know his track record of serving the people and he is the only lawmaker that times in and out of work everyday.

Jeff you are going not to put these comments out but come on lets be fair. The Marianas Islands to include Guam only have "limited voting powers." Isn't that being racist or are we American citizens afforded the same inalienable rights as you and other mainlanders.

I have seen some of the negative comments about locals on various blogs and I think that they are nothing than what Greg Cruz or John Del Rosario put out.

These are just my thoughts and I will tell you that I probably would fall under being a racist if I was to follow the dictionaries definition of racist or racism. Thank you. John Reyes

Boni said...

Nothing. However, insinuating that all Chamorros care about are junkets, food stamps and degrading our passports doesn't go well with me. There are various anonymous comments on other blogs, not all you, who also make racist comments like the examples I cited above. I'm not a member of TTT,and do not subscribe to the beliefs they hold (the ones I know of). I don't know Greg Cruz or his wife personally either, but I believe that they should be criticized on their faulty platform, not their marriage or their ethnicity. I didn't see your name Joe, but I wasn't just speaking about your comment. BTW, I am Chamorro, was raised by a Filipino woman for part of my youth, so I speak (a little) and understand both Tagalog and Kapangpangan (spelling ooh). I also have African American brothers and sisters, and am married to a Hispanic-Caucasian. Believe me, none of these ethnicities are perfect, but all bring a special flavor into mine and my family's lives.

Boni said...

To be perfectly clear, I do not speak for my father and did not have anything to do with John's comment. I don't even think I know who John is, hmmm.

Anyway,I was only trying to make a point that calling Chamorros "spamvores" and such was the same thing as TTT putting out their UTube videos.

And lastly, I don't know what Senator Reyes's sons in law and grandchildren are not all of Chamorro descent.

Jeff said...

Most of the racist stuff comes from the anonymous. It is unfortunate, and this isn't the place for it. I almost never allow anonymous, inflammatory comments. I don't think I've ever denied a comment from a real, live verifiable person. Anonymous trolls are another story.

People from Washington D.C. don't have a vote in congress. That is a far greater injustice than the CNMI.

I don't think Fitial is racist, and I don't agree with him on much. I don't think anyone said he was racist, I just think he's wrong. And not all mainlanders have the same viewpoint. Bruce Bateman and I certainly don't.

Greg Cruz and Danny Aquino bring up race and ethnicity where it doesn't need to be, and so do some of the anonymous commentators on the blogs.

Boni said...

Well, my lunch break is almost over. Boy, that Red Bull was good! Hope you're spending some good times with the kids and Cyn. Let's hope this new year brings some added economic and personal prosperity to all of us.

And what I meant to say, but messed up grammatically was that not all our family is of Cham descent. It behooves all of us to look at one another with human eyes. We've been occupying this earth for how long? We need to get this brotherhood thing right before we destroy any good left of us and the world we live in. Peace.

Joe said...

Points well taken,Boni & Jeff! My replies are directed at what was said about Greg Cruz(the minority)! So,if he would like an Indendent CNMI,START IT!! All I said was that I would love to see how many would show up!

john said...

Boni and Jeff excellent points. I don't think that Greg Cruz, John Del Rosario, my nephew Danny Aquino are the racist people that you characterize them to be. They may make strong reference in their letters to the editors but the same sentiments are also there from the mainland counterparts and to say it does not exist would be a lie.

I've read pretty much all their letter to the editors and I have to say that I cannot agree with them all of the time but the biggest problem that I have with mainland individuals is that they take this persona of shoving things in our face like this federalization issue.

It's hard for islanders to accept your points of view whether they may be bad or good because the local islanders were at one point discriminated against in pay and job opportunities. The other things was the lawsuit that was won by these locals against the federal government in the 70's but not paid because there was no money appropriated in the budget.

I've sat down in rosaries and believe me the hottest topic is this federalization issue and the people around the tables are not in favor of it. I think there is a consensus that they want the contract workers out of this island.

When Ronald Reagan asked President Gorbachev to tear down the walls that divided Germany you can say praise democracy but while the walls are torn down in Germany and the walls are going up to divide Mexico and the US to prevent illegals from crossing this is something that I cannot accept.

john said...

Take a look at Glenn's comments about "taking them and slapping them upside the head." There are many comments that are even too appalling to even mention.

Boni is right though about comments about Greg Cruz and his family being made because I read them on the other blogs (Brad).

Jeff, I also noticed that while all Filipinos say that Cinta's bill is a racial law you don't hear US mainlanders coming out to attack her.

This is what I've maintained on this island and something that exist called "selective racist labeling."

No one will come outright and include Boni, Cinta, Angelo or attack them if they make pro-local statements.

But it's almost obvious that if Greg Cruz, John Del Rosario, Danny Aquino and I forgot Juan Guerrero does anything positive that will benefit many people it would get no praises from US mainlanders because of the fact that they have been labeled as racist.

thanks for posting my comments. Happy new years to you. J. Reyes

john said...

Joe you comments are well taken and to answer your question, although many people do not express their views vocally I can honestly say that they are not in favor of federalization. You can never be too sure what are in the minds of people right now but I think that there are individuals who are out there who are the silent majority who may want to re-examine our political status.

Jeff said...

Greg Cruz was making a lot more sense before the election. Since then I really can't take him seriously.

No group is a monolith. Not all locals are opposed to federalization. Tina Sablan is a local. She's not against it.

I don't think Zaldy Dandan thinks Cinta is racist or her bill racial, I think he's just indicated it's bad for business and the CNMI has a long track record of blowing off its own laws. That bill isn't just hers, either.

Boni and I disagree on very little. On those rare occasions we've argued a bit.

Boni and Angelo and Cinta have a reputation for being fair minded, reasonable people with ability to bring people together. They didn't stand out there and say Dekada go home this is our land. They don't inject race in a negative manner. That Tao Tao Tano protest in the summer was plain offensive and there was a reason it was so widely rebuked. So yes, I agree that reputation matters as it plays into credibility. I think Greg has been labeled racist because his statements indicate he is. We'll have to disagree on that one.

"I think there is a consensus that they want the contract workers out of this island."

The business community doesn't want it. I don't think locals want to go to the hospital and find all the Filipino nurses gone, or get their car fixed and no more Filipino mechanics to fix it. The federalization fight is to keep the government's ability to keep bringing in cheap labor -- what they've always done. Their actions voting wise don't indicate they want that.

People are pissed off because the old model, which was immoral by the way, is broken. Garment factories with cheap labor would pay taxes to support make work government jobs. That has fallen apart, the cheap labor now, and understandably, wants status and better pay, and some people don't like to see the CNMI lose the ability to control these workers.

This animosity will continue until a new and improved model comes around. There are no answers yet.

I don't think there is a silent majority who want to re-examine their status. There are a couple of people pissed off about losing their cheap maid. There are too many benefits to being an American. People want to vent right now that the gravy train is over.

Joe said...

You hit on the head,John! I have many Chamorro friends who don't want anything to do with the Feds.,but don't voice their opinion in public. That's their peragative! They accept me & I accept them,sometimes with a different outlook. It's not about where you came's about doing the right thing for the islands for generations to come! Accountability from Government!!

john said...

Jeff, your points are well taken. I cannot speak for Greg Cruz but of course the business community do not want the contract workers to go but its the average working class citizens who are asking for a chance. It's difficult for you to see since you are an employee of the government but Cinta knows and I have had candid conversations with her.

Jeff you are missing the point about contract workers. The whole idea for the guest worker program was to train our local work force and not make the reliance on contract workers a priority. The US is also heavily reliant on illegal workers and Filipino nurses.

I think that Judge Govendo is an avid person who is not shy to express his dissatisfaction of performing marriages or adoptions involving Filipinos, Bangladesh or chinese. Sit into his proceedings and listen to him.

Greg Cruz has made mistakes and the same token goes for other advocates and individuals on the opposing sides.

In all fairness everyone is a racist by Websters standards.

john said...

Joe...thank you! Jeff you made reference to not all locals and made reference to Tina. To be honest with you she is reserved now on her opinion about Cinta's new labor reform law.

She canceled two special meetings with Cinta and the Senators about the new labor reform law. She was criticized by Senator Reyes, and Frica for wasting their time.

Even Joe admits that there are many people who are silent and do not tolerate this federalization.

Jeff said...

"The whole idea for the guest worker program was to train our local work force and not make the reliance on contract workers a priority."

If any of that is true, people should welcome federalization, as it provides for an end date to guest workers, something the local government shows no sign of doing.

I have read Govendo's opinions on those things, and agree with him.

I think locals should be doing for themselves and shouldn't be reliant on guest workers. Problem is it will never happen without a private sector paying living wages. They'll continue to leave or work for the bloated, unsustainable government. Our system is broken. The U.S. has a thriving private sector that pays living wages, unlike this place. That's a big difference.

"It's the average working class citizens who are asking for a chance. It's difficult for you to see since you are an employee of the government"

A chance for what? How is the local government's history of bloating the labor supply a chance for the working class?

I have a real job doing a legitimate government function. If I worked for private schools like SIS or MCS, my views would be no different.

john said...

Jeff you agree that Judge Govendo should not perform adoptions because the child is of filipino descent or chinese or whatever. I'm talking about that.

Come on Jeff, federalization is a whole different thing. You are spinning everything.

The bottom line is that Most Residents who are US citizens are not treated with the same priveledges as our US mainland counterparts.

Other than the whole arguement lets just say you are right. And this is the whole arguement in this island. The US mainlanders are always right and the locals do not know better. They wont pave the roads for $3.55. and all the other racist comments. Happy holidays

Jeff said...

I don't believe he should approve adoptions that circumvent immigration law. Read this:

To repeat what I said before, not all mainlanders think alike and not all locals think alike. Us mainlanders ar 1.5 percent of the population, so it must have been some locals who got Tina Sablan elected, a federalization proponent, and for that matter, decidedly rejected Greg Cruz.

There are plenty of fed up locals who recognize the system is screwed up and don't find a convenient scapegoat in contract workers.

No, I don't think people who have the option of making 2, 3 or 6times more will be eager to pave roads for $3.55, do you? Who would?

Boni said...

I don't believe I agree with this statement: The bottom line is that Most Residents who are US citizens are not treated with the same priveledges as our US mainland counterparts.

I have seen Chamorros who flaunt their self-importance take advantage of systems and wrongly demand perks and favors. Unless I am not understanding what "privileges" are. However, this is the case with everything else.

I've walked into restaurants where a certain group of people get served before I do. This is not the fault of the US or our government. this is the fault of humans.

Would you, if you were qualified and had professional experience stand to make less than what you were worth? No one should in my opinion. Sometimes I think that our problem is that many locals, and I'm not just talking about Chamorros and Carolinians, but people who have been raised in these islands, grow up to expect more than what they can contribute professionally.

Contract workers didn't do anything to ruin our standards of living, we did, collectively. That's not to say that I entirely agree with federalization. I do agree with affording people an opportunity to build a sustainable life and future.

Let's face it. Gone are the days of cheap labor, but hey, now come the days of quality labor and a chance to train a skilled workforce . There will be competitive job interviews, which in backwards mapping means kids will take their education more seriously, and schools will be charged with providing a stronger foundation of knowledge so on and so on.

I also diagree Jeff, that locals rely on guest workers. Not all of us do, some of us have great relationships with our employees that become familial ties. Whoever is pissed off about losing their cheap maid can be reassured that the one they hire has to be efficient, if they can afford it.

Lastly, for $3.55 an hour I wouldn't even sit and watch the sakati grow.

Jeff said...

I agree not all do at all.

Greg said...

John, doesn't it seem a bit racist, unchristian and just plain messed up to be at a prayer rosary hoping and praying all the "foreigners" leave?

Mr. PNG said...

When either side of any discussion is at such a loss to present an issue that they use race, no one listens to anything else they say. Mainlanders can be equally fast to play race cards here and at home. The 15th House of Reps said I was a racist with no supporting evidence. Had they shown at least one racist comment I have ever said, written, or conveyed to 2k students over 13 years here, their resolution would have had more substance. I will frame HR-219 beside my Kentucky Colonel proclamation!