Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A new blog on the scene

The blogging world has a new entrant. Brady Barrineau is now on the scene. Since his debut in the commenting world, it appears Brady dislikes Bruce Bateman even more than the other dedicated anti-Bruce sites, but I don't think Brady will become the third.


Brady Barrineau said...

Anyone who spends their own money making shirts to boycott Porky's bar is leaps and bounds above me. BTW my new blog will be about politics in the CNMI.

Jeff said...


Ron Hodges Day said...

Can left wingers comment from the far side or are there membership dues and censors? Censored blogs can expect 2 to 12 comments unless they have something nude, while Brad gets 50+ comments on posts. are not going to sell T-shirts? ...what about teddy bears?