Monday, December 03, 2007

Adam Clayton - New Year's Day

The video is naturally focused on Bono, who is a pretty cool cat, but the groove of this classic tune comes from bassist Adam Clayton. He lays down a root to the minor third riff that drives this tune. This was filmed at a Castle in Ireland, so it was quite an enthused crowd. This event also happened after a huge soccer game, which is a thing the world gets that Americans like me tend not to. Here is a cool wikipedia account:

U2 Go Home was filmed on Saturday September 1, 2001, just moments after Ireland secured its place in the 2002 FIFA World Cup with the only goal of the match, scored by Irishman Jason McAteer. The match was shown to the football-crazy Irish crowd at Slane Castle prior to the concert, adding to the already festive air. Bono mentions the goal during "Beautiful Day", singing 'Beautiful goal' at the songs closing. Later, he kicks a blown up ball off the stage symbolizing the historic kick. During "New Year's Day", Bono drapes himself in the Irish flag, something he has seldom done — preferring the white peace flag — asking the crowd to imagine he's Jason McAteer. Bono also added to the emotion of the song by removing his trademark sunglasses at the beginning of the first verse, a gesture he repeated almost every other time the song was performed on the Elevation tour. The crowd was in a frenzy for most of the night, making this concert video one of the band's most compelling live recordings.

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