Thursday, August 16, 2007

The wolf is coming, that's all you had to say

Last week a small army heeded my call for assistance and painted my classroom at SSHS. Since school started, the floors have been professionally waxed, I bought blinds for the windows, which are now up, and an anonymous benefactor actually volunteered to fund this painting project. I actually thought it would only be about $50 when I volunteered to pay for it myself, but I didn't realize that the price of paint had doubled since I paid about $50 bucks to do the job a few years ago. Given that dramatic increase, this benefactor who demanded I keep them unnamed, turned out to be very helpful, so thank you. Also, Rick Jones of Java Joes fame donated coffee and pastry to the volunteers of this endeavor. Thanks Rick.

My son Alex's main job was not to cause problems. He did his job for the most part until he cracked at the end.

Only one parent showed up, but this parent worked very hard. Former students of mine long since graduated showed up and helped out, and that made me feel good. Many current students were on hand, as was Angelo Villagomez. Most appreciated and most effective were the Friends of the Marianas Islands. As far as I know, none of the members have kids at SSHS, but I felt like Jules after being notified the Wolf was coming because these people were like a professional painting outfit and most effective.
I thank everyone who contributed. I haven't taken any finished job pictures yet, but I feel certain that my classroom has never looked better, and again, I thank those volunteers. This entire job was over in three hours. I'll try to post the after pictures ASAP.


Pilgrim said...

You summed up the problem with our educational system on Saipan in one statement.. only one parent showed up to help. So now that we know that the Department of Education won't do the maintenance or at least pay for the materials, and the parents don't give a damn.. that leaves the dedicated teachers who once more have to put up with so much.

Silly Socrates said...

Silly wants to ask another silly question. What happened to the bottom of this blog? What are those scary looking strings of words, dashes, and slashes?