Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a weak field

The election is a little more than a year away, and I'm staggered by the lame candidate choices out there. On the right, Mitt Romney is a phoney even by political standards with his painted on hair and flipping on every issue. He's as scary as Bush. Giuliani, the co-Republican front runner, and the fact that he is the front runner blows my mind, is a bully who won't listen to anyone -- kind of like Bush but not as stupid. He is a bit more progressive on social issues, so he'd be less awful than the usual Republican candidate. He admits to saying on 9/11, "Thank God Bush is president," which alone should disqualify him from the human race let alone the presidential race. McCain should be the front runner, but he has his head in the sand on Iraq and immigration, and he's out of money and going nowhere. Who can really vote for a war backer at this point anyway? Just set $12 billion per month on fire, it would be just as productive. Take the troops out of there and let them have the Civil War they're dying to have. It will happen eventually anyway.

Hillary Clinton has improved dramatically as a candidate, but the only thing I like about her really is that she is the closest we can get to Bill's third term. I'd vote for her only if she comes right out and says Bill will be Secretary of State because you need someone of his stature to undo the mess of the last eight years. Obama has little experience, and I don't think people will vote for a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, as unfair as that is, and there can be no worse catastrophe than another Republican in that office after the nightmare of the last seven going on eight years. John Edwards is someone I like a lot, but the bullshit factor is piling high on him. He got an expensive haircut and he has a nice house, like every other single candidate, so he is a phoney for caring about the poor according to how he is being painted -- anything to screw over the poor -- bash a guy who gives a damn about them.

I don't think any other candidate is seriously in this conversation, though the marginalized candidates on each side, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, look like the best on each side to me. I think Al Gore could take this thing in a walk, so I'm surprised he hasn't gotten in the race. Maybe people just didn't enjoy those eight years of peace and prosperity and overblown non-scandals and horniness.

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