Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bruce Almighty and a proposal on Boni's Prize

Bruce Bateman amplified the rhetoric telling the CNMI masses about Dengre, the premiere CNMI critic. Bruce was openly campaigning for votes for Worst Person in the World. Tell us your entire platform, Bruce. The cyber equivalant of a lawn sign won't get my vote. Will you be kicking puppies, telling small children, or Brad, there is no Santa Clause, banning betelnut at Porky's, displaying the non health benefits of Spam or processed noodles? I'm going to follow you around and throw out the tough questions like Sam Donaldson would do to Reagan.

Bruce questioned why some of us link to Dengre. First, I linked to Bruce and his Right Wing sidekicks before that site died, so agreement isn't necessary. I linked to Sarah Miel, the Ann Coulter of Saipan, crusading to keep immigrant workers poor, and urging everyone to fight the evil efforts of liberals to pay immigrant workers, and locals, more than the U.S. minimum wage from 1980. What evil lurks in the mind of those trying to assist the poor. That site basically died as well. She might have the best crusade since the Middle Ages.

Dengre might be a little extreme in his statements, but his essential argument, that our system here stinks, is spot on. His blog isn't a full blown, across the board indictment of everyone and everything here, like Saipan sucks. Dengre thinks the CNMI government sucks, and its economic model, too. He's right.
Poor Boni feels a bit slighted by her lack of a prize for her triumphant victory. I propose all the male bloggers adept at swimming take Boni to World Resort for a swimming lesson and day of general waterpark revelry. Any day next week is good for me. I'll cover Boni's entrance, but I'll urge other sponsors to cover the rest of her crew, most definitely including Tony Senior since I don't want him getting the wrong impression and using his military training on any of us. I can get a Splash Card for a $10 admission. Sponsors anyone for crew, Angelo. Brad can deliver Yum burgers to Boni.
Normally a minimum wage increase is viewed as a popular thing to support the poorest workers, and is something that is applauded. That would especially seem to be the case when the CNMI wage is equal to the Federal minimum wage from 1980, almost 30 years ago. Sure enough, this administration feels no concern about everyone not in the bureaucracy since they are so unhappy these people are getting their first raise in more than 10 years. It is obvious and expected they don't give a bleep about Filipinos and Chinese et al, but there are a lot of their own people in the $3.05 hole as well. These tend to be the less educated and less likely to speak up or vote, so they are completely blown off. Harry Blalock talked about how our government officials lambasted David Cohen on the Interior Secretary's visit for not doing enough to keep the poor, poor. Good job on seeing reality and not giving in Mr. Cohen. You seem pretty human for a reasonably high ranking Republican.


Rick Vaughn said...

The difference is that alien workers in the CNMI are getting $3.05/hour plus housing, meals, medical care, transportation, etc. and resident workers only get the $3.05. That's all. The assumption is that if you're from here you already have all that and just need some extra cash for partying on the weekend. No wonder so many resident workers don't even bother to show up, or do their job - would you if it's so obvious your employer dosen't care about you?

BoReGo said...

Employees need to be given equitable benefits. The minimum wage hike is a reality we all have to face. Emma, auntie Em to my kids, has lived with us for over ten years. She's always had her own place, and when we built oour house, we built her a private studio too. She is there to play with Sommer, because day care is something I do not do. I tried it when Tony and Hope were babies and had bad experiences both in San Diego and here. I get home and hear Em and Sommer laughing and I feel secure. When we are home Em is gone, she's got friends, a life and her own activities outside our family. That's the way it's always been. Our kids are ours to raise. As for benefits and salary, I believe that employees need to be respected and paid what they deserve.

Hey Jeff FYI: I can't swim. I would much rather have a few rounds with good friends. Maybe when hubby gets back we can all go out? I don't feel bad, I thought it was fun!

BoReGo said...

As for the Yum Burgers? Read my post "Yes ma'am". No more Yum burgers for me.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The winner gets, um, nothing. Where is the confusion?

BoReGo said...

Not confused.

Jeff said...

Locals, immigrants, the system sucks for all of them. There is a mass of people completely lost, and will get more lost as government revenues shrink.

Boni, I know you can't swim, and that has to change. You're not that old a dog, and you can learn a new trick. That's why I proposed a swimming lesson. Saipan is too hot not to enjoy the pool.

Angelo, buck up cheapo!

Melissa said...

I propose the next blogger meetup be on a Saturday at Wave Jungle!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Okay, Jeff, I must admit that my gas chamber for snuffing out entire populations of scarlet gourd ivy hasn't arrived from Hasbro yet; but darn it, I'm giving my all to the annihilation of menus using unripe mangoes. They deserve to die; the little bastards and I intend to see their swan song. I have been openly rude to Little Old Ladies on several occasions and I'm starting a cabal to infiltrate the BSA with homosexuals. As you can see I am not someone to be trifled with when it comes to evil intensions

Two points well taken. First that the dungre site is not totally anti Saipan but is only selectively so and second that you, and other pro-Saipan blogers have linked, as all good objective reference materials should, to a variety of thought provoking sites with a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Applause is due.

One other point that needs mentioning then I will shut up...for a while. Disclosure. We still have not heard from the dung person a. who the hell he is, and 2. why he cares about things Saipanese, and III. In whose pay he is. All would be helpful in a reasonable persons critical analysis of the dung's writings.

PS: I am trying now to get full access to the saipanblog.com site and hope to revitalize it without the censorship in hopes of a big comeback. It’s not like the Hindenburg…it hasn’t exploded or anything…it’s just laying there, waiting for some asshole like myself to breath new life into it.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

A. He's Batman
B. He's trying to take Saipanda away from us
C. Like all bloggers, he is independently wealthy

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Unlikely guesses Angelo.
These are closer.
a. He's BozoMan
2. The Saipanda would tear him a new asshole. Even so what is his motivation to dis Saipan? Why the hard on? His favorite politician not in on the Saipan bribery cut?
III. He's on the government dole with doses of kickback juice keeping him afloat.

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

Bruce, all the answers you seek, including his name, are here:


The world needs people like Dengre to provide a counter to the excess influences, or just plain constitution disregarding recklessness of the Cheneys and Abramoffs of the world. Better people focus on that and not American Idol.

Incidentally, I was moved by Cindy Sheehan's analysis of this stuff. It is a must read: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/5/28/12530/1525

bigsoxfan said...

Too much dissension. Bruce has his agenda, Dengre has his, Cindy Sheehan, Angelo, Btfy CNMI, etc.. Drop the agenda attacks and look at what we can achieve. Different voices, but as members of love saipan, aren't we focused on the same goal. For that matter, what is the goal? For me, it is to see Saipan as lovely internaly, as it is on the outside.
Here's an example. I took a friend to the airport yesterday afternoon, for his one-way flight to away. (a common and somewhat distressing occurance these days) We both remarked on the absolute beauty of the flame tree's, which line the airport road. His comment was: "kinda like the island and the government of Saipan. Lovely on the outside, but rotting from the inside out.
I wish the discussion here hadn't moved so far away from the TSA and it's creature, the Gaum airport, as it is a horrible manifestation of power gone bad, but so it goes.