Monday, June 11, 2007

Done diving

I finished my ninth and final Palau dive today, paid my considerable bill, and I've had a good time. Palau can never quite live up to the lofty expectations, but it is an amazing place. We saw a school of dolphins and what an impressive animal that is -- so graceful and amazing. I visited the Chandelier Cave yesterday, which was way cool. It is very close to Sam's Dive Shop, and you surface to breathable air in four different chambers. There are stalagmites all about as well as crystal. It is a unique dive. I dove the Ulong Channel twice, and this was one of the best dives I've been on here. The fish ball is something to see, lots of sharks, some cool currents and some amazing coral, including the largest selection of lettuce coral in the world.

This morning we hit Siaes Corner and this was a very pleasant wall dive as well. We dove the Blue Corner yesterday, and the tides just didn't work in our favor, and it pretty much sucked. This was a very disappointing turn of events. I have to spend a day tomorrow doing I'm not quite sure, maybe Kayaking, to get my 24 hours on the surface before I take the flight to hell back to Saipan at 2 am. I've eaten Mexican, Japanese, Indian and Thai since I've been here and all were damn good. Diving and the Palau sun takes so much out of you, that I don't think I've been up much past 9 any night. So tomorrow is my last day in the Coalition of the Willing.
On the bad news front, I guess because I've been away and haven't posted as much, school is over, or what, but readership is drying up from the growth it was having, and I see that is impacting other bloggers as well. That blows.


Bev said...

I'm going back to Palau in December for more diving!!!=)

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Glad to know that your largest cares in the world are whether or not to go kayaking and that your blog traffic has taken a dip.

See you in a few days.

Jeff said...

Hey, that's summer for a teacher. It's not always this rosy. Trust me.