Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life of late in pictures

I suck at bowling and I don't mean maybe. We did the bumper bowling and I barely beat Carl, yeah the older boy. When Alex threw the ball one time, it literally bounced off the pin and didn't fall, which was hilarious. He'd throw the ball and it would take so long to get to the pins, he'd lose interest. Needless to say, Mommy won.

I had lunch on the rock island where they filmed Survivor Palau. I saw a lizard that was bigger than a dog, but it moved too fast to get a picture. This isn't the lizard.

This was when I was waiting in the terminal in Guam. I knew I was heading for Palau when I saw this guy's Joy Dishwashing bottle full of lime. Betelnut is a full blown ritual over there. I saw about 10 Saipan folks I knew, the day after school ended, heading off somewhere from the dreaded Guam Airport.

Cynthia and I went out to the Hyatt just for general merriment and to celebrate things going well in general. It was quite the dinner.

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Bev said...

That must be Giovanni's restaurant! Love their tiramasu, chocolate mousse, and their famous ice cream mud pie.!