Friday, June 01, 2007

Conversation with Four Year Old

Here's a conversation with my four year old last night.

"Daddy, Can I sleep in your room tonight?"

Me: "Ok."

Him: "You my best buddy!" Followed by hug.

Kids are hilarious. The little one is constantly singing ABC's and W is pronounced Bubble U. It is too damn cute to correct, and in fact, I'm saying it now. I warded off kids like the plague until I was 33, and then I made a Leap of Faith and inherited two via marriage, very soon to be legally, officially Turbitts, Alexander Clarence and Carl Robert, after my own father. I have to say, they are great. Glad I waited until my 30s, and glad I didn't wait much more than that. Doing this made me appreciate my own father in hindsight way, way more.


bradinthesand said...

That's just nice. Glad you found that kind of happiness, buddy.

Cynthia Turbitt said...

Baby, that's so sweet. Thanks for being a great father and a wonderful husband. We love you so much.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Dude, your wife reads your blog! Now you're in trouble!

BoReGo said...

Congratulations Turbitts! Those are some cutie pies right there.

Bev said...

Cute kids Jeff! Guess what, I have your Creme brulee coffee=) Tell me when you want to pick it up.

Jeff said...


That is super outstanding. Save some for yourself. You are going to like it. I'll drop by SDA during the week. You suggest a day.

Thanks everyone else.

Angelo, I'll bury my risque comments inside one of my diatribes. I think Cyn reads those less carefully.

Bev said...

Jeff, any day this week is fine. I'll bring it to work with me on Monday.

Shelly said...

That's adorable, Jers!!