Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've been reading the comments by Gov. Fitial, the Chamber Spokesman and the Island Crusader, and I'm won over by their scintillating logic. Things are going so well here that I'm joining their side. I'm really a conservative, so things should stay the same. That's the true meaning of conservative, not changing, just so you liberal wussies know.

I'm going to argue against these terrorists who want to inflict their LIBERAL, FAG views on immigration and wages and take away all that is sacred and holy: a cheap maid, our private sector jobs and one third of the island population, I mean the remaining garment factories, controlling two-thirds of the disenfranchised island population. If the Demonazis are successful, they will destroy our political structure. How will we get picnic tables and tents? Who will create the unnecessary jobs? Who will do the dirty, difficult or dangerous jobs? The junkets might cease! The poker rooms will close if they have to pay the attendant an extra couple of bucks in a few years, the garment factories will leave and we might have to pay the highest prices for gas, power and retail items in all of America. The special privileges of the covenant made these things so cheap before. Stop them. Act now and voice your support against a Federal Invasion, I mean Takeover. I wish they had Fort Sumter in the lagoon.

George Miller needs to stop abusing children, supporting Bin Laden and return to his home in North Korea, or his summer home in Iran, because he has no business telling us to stop paying $3.05 to people from China, Philippines, Bangladesh, et al. Since when do those people matter? Do you really want to see our boonie dogs eaten or Manny Pacquiao elected governor of the CNMI?

Those liberals are just using the CNMI for their own political gain. Voters all throughout California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida will be heading to the polling place in November with a singular focus on wages in the CNMI, not Iraq, Katrina, the $9 trillion deficit, the trade deficit or the thinning military ranks, so Nancy Pelosi should stop the pandering to LIBERALS just to get votes for Democrats on the backs of our suffering islands. These liberals are traitors and decidedly not "loyal Bushies." Stop them now! NO Federal Takeover!If these meddlers get their way on immigration and minimum wage, the next thing you know they'll try to impose federal grants for free money on education, the environment, infrastructure and welfare here in Saipan. They'll even demand the schools STAY OPEN! Speak up now before Schools REMAIN OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save our islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP the liberals!!!!! Nancy Pelosi looks like a guy in drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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