Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scenes from Halloween

Somewhere in that picture is an edgy young lady, we hope don't know yet, just dying to get out and ridicule the Right Wing.
Here is Rose in the clutches of Glen D having flashbacks to that triggerfish attack.
The Boycott of Porky's isn't going well with several bloggers out opposing the forces of douchebaggery, but Bruce Bateman says bring it on regarding something that women the world over have been boycotting since time immemorial.

Daniel LaRusso was hiding out from Kobra Kai at Porky's bar.

Angelo Villagomez, sans EJ, was out at Porky's last night. A little picture on picture action with the Saipan blogger doing a clean up of Porky's

A couple of pretty cute monsters in Alex and Carl.


lil_hammerhead said...

You could also say, there's not a whole lot there to boycott.

Good to see you all care so much about the CNMI though. The next time anyone pictured complains they're not getting direct answers with regard to legislation, initiatives, CUC, PSS, the administration, etc. Don't get all huffy puffy about it. In fact, go show your support for the folks who aren't answering those questions. Let's just hope those matters aren't as important and possibly detrimental to the CNMI as the SCA is.

lil_hammerhead said...

Congratulations! on your child however..

bradinthesand said...

don't blame me! it's the alcohol that tricked me into going there! it also lured me to godfather's and the fiesta resort & spa's hibiscus hall.

damn you, alcohol. why doest thou torment me with loud music and scantily clad women by your side?

...btw, i also went there for the hot girls who work there. especially the one named olive...

Jeff said...

I'm thinking of boycotting my parents for voting for Bush twice. They didn't want to answer my questions both times.

Rick Jones said...

Even though I'm voting against it, I don't think the SCA is really going to do all that much damage. A very few will get rich, we might end up dragging in more tourists, and some locals will be making US minimum wage.

I'm still voting NO because I think it could be done a whole lot better, and there is no need to give away public land.

I'll still go to Porky's because I think everyone has a right to their opinion, even if they don't want to explain it.

lil_hammerhead said...

It's not a matter of having an opinion. That's perfectly alright. It's the fact that you were a vocal proponent, to the point you were a pointman at public hearings. That is a different story. I believe you then have a responsibility to respond to reasonable questions. Just as Brad expects his legislators to respond to reasonable questions, or Jeff expects his Governor to respond to reasonable questions. If you are out there as a public face of the venture, speaking on it and appealing to the general public to vote for it, you do have a responsibility to respond to concerns. What is sad about all of this is, those of us who've been here for many decades see Bruce out there in an attempt to woo the masses, but doesn't he find it funny that you don't see Paz out there, or Karl, or Herman, or a couple of others. You saw Felicidad early on, but lately it's been Pete and Bruce. These NMDIC folks aren't stupid. Paz is not going to put her neck or her future on the line, neither is Karl or Herman. They sit back and let Bruce be the face of all of this. In the end, whatever might go wrong with all of this (and it will), they'll be in the background, pretending things didn't go the way they wanted them to. People like Bruce and Pete, who incidently has mucked his political and business life up so much he has nothing to lose, will be the sacrificial lambs, will get the fingers pointed at them. And this will be by those NMDIC Members themselves. They've had long careers hopping from one government agency or board to another, they'll do what they must to keep their image untarnished. Bruce will end up shit-out-of-luck.

Jeff said...

Bruce had whacky politics last week, he has them today, and he'll have them tomorrow. No one much cares other than you and that wingnut Plato.

He gave his opinion in his newspaper column. He'll continue to give his opinions in the paper I suspect. It's not that big a deal. Commentators comment

Bruce isn't an elected official. There is a different standard between him and the govenor. He really isn't the public face. You've just blown him out of all proportion. Someone is in the paper praying the casino passes. There have been dozens of others. Most have names I can't recall.

LET us pray that good legislators will win and guide us to a better future.
Let us pray that the casino initiative will pass.
Let us pray that better time is on the way.
Let us pray.
Thank you God.

Navy Hill, Saipan

lil_hammerhead said...

Comeon Jeff, you aren't that ignorant either. There's a difference between putting out an opinion piece in the paper, or giving your opinion on your blog or in blog comments.. and being the spokesperson at a public hearing and letting the SCA use your place of business for fundraisers on top of that. And taken all together, He's done more than any single person I can think of, in terms of being a spokesperson for the casino.

And when you say no one else cares, aside from me and Plato, that too is a somewhat sad statement, albeit a false one. I'm sad that there is a group who feels something like this isn't that important. I've lived here for over four is very important. If you've visited Tina's site, or the SCA site or the saipancasiNO site.. you'd realize this is quite important to a larger majority of the community.

Hence the constant barrage in the papers and our discussions here. Be a bit more honest Jeff. I've seen you peeved a number of times over much less than this. You demanded an apology from Jane, you've lambasted a number of people and policies. But despite the importance of this act.. you've stated why you're against it, but have unusually refrained from mentioning or questioning any of the proponents.. especially the most vocal of them. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but some reflection is in order.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You could also say that we had a blast at the Porkys Halloween party even without the awe inspiring presence of Pee Pee and Charmin and 2 of the 14 others that read our blogs.

Whacky politics? Opinionated blather? That’s my job as a columnist, and I have fun with it. As you say Jeff, I'll continue to have fun with it.

I won't be losing sleep over whether you like, dislike, agree or care one way or the other charmin.

Lookin’ forward to the Tinian dive on Sunday, Jeff! Maybe we could stop in at the casino while there if we can dodge all the crime bosses, prostitutes and cross wielding armed robbing 'bad elements' that swarm the streets around casinos. (Thank you David Cing for that timely warning).

'Point man at public hearings' is a strange way to describe my participation on the Pro side of a debate that I was invited to participate in by Sam MePheeters the host and organizer of same. Debate, not 'hearings' charmin. And by the way, where were you with your poignant questions and all encompassing compassion for the little people the night of the debate? Where was pee pee boy?

Okay, signing off to eat a bowl of those delicious frosted mini wheats for breakfast before heading out the door to mug little old ladies which is my day job.

Jeff said...

Actually, Rick Jones makes enormous sense above. I have the exact opinion as Rick. Nothing much happened to get upset about.

I know that's your job, Bruce. That was my point. Your politics are still whacky.

Why should I blast the proponents? Why not just the act itself. Even when I'm slamming politicians I try to make it less about them than their ideas. Nothing much has happened to get upset about.

By the way, people care about the casino, but indeed only you and Plato care about Bruce. It has been good for getting both of you attention.

And by the way, when your outspoken supporters are spamming the internet and calling people scum, it might be wise to distance yourself from them.

I never demanded an apology from Jane. I pointed out that apologies, in this case to Nahal, are the proper route to redress being an ass, not destroying the comment.

Finally, Bruce gets a lot more slack than a picture of a statue or a picture of a monkey. People take a person more seriously than a monkey/statue picture.

lil_hammerhead said...

Excuse me Jeff.. "my outspoken supporters"? If you've kept up with conversation I was involved with from day one.. I was clear I'm not an anti-casino person. I had not made up my mind, but leaned towards not voting for the act, due mainly to Tinian already having casino gaming. In fact, as you can follow by the conversation, Bruce almost got me to change my mind. That was before I read the act.

After that, I needed no convincing. So to lump me in with the folks who are just against casinos period is ludicrous.

You can dance and dance and dance around. If it were a person who was not an acquaintance of yours, you'd be tearing them up.

Jeff said...

I didn't lump you in. Don't know what you're talking about.