Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Scraping Rock Bottom

Today is another new low in the corrupt assault on justice and the constitution by President Shit for Brains. Today, without a Justice Department review, he commuted the sentence of Scooter Libby, the one time Chief of Staff for Cheney who took the fall for the Dark Lord, who had his cronies out CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame because her husband, Joseph Wilson, called these corrupt people out in a New York Times column on their bullshit story about Iraq trying to get nuclear weapons material in Niger.

Wilson was the guy who went there and investigated this issue and said it was BS. Cheney used the issue in the run up to war to scare everyone, and W put it in the State of the Union without proper vetting. The Mushroom Cloud Joseph Wilson debunked was the main point of fear mongering this administration used to let them start this war and give oil companies record profits. These people ended the career of someone leading a double life for the CIA, really fighting the terrorists, because they were mad at her husband. That's essentially treason. Not even the Mob goes after your family, but that is what the Bush Administration did, and now they let this convict off with a slap on the wrist.

This is from the New York Times editorial: "Within minutes of the Libby announcement, the same Republican commentators who fulminated when Paris Hilton got a few days knocked off her time in a county lockup were parroting Mr. Bush’s contention that a fine, probation and reputation damage were “harsh punishment” enough for Mr. Libby."

The best defense the Republicans can come up with is "Clinton did it, too," which is irrelevant, and for the record, Clinton was acquitted by the Senate, not convicted like Libby, whose punishment was "too harsh," yet Clinton was impeached and the country brought to a halt because he hid the fact that he got a blowjob so his wife wouldn't find out in a ridiculous civil case that was thrown out of court. Even more absurd, and who better than David Brooks for inept Republican spin is this: "As Joe Wilson was an absurd man with a plain name, Scooter Libby was a plain man with an absurd name. "

The sound of his name is plain. Are you kidding me? What's absurd about him, that he isn't a dickless suck up to the powerful like the grotesque David Brooks . This is the guy whose retort to Al Gore's book is that he is a Vulcan devoid of emotion. I know the Times needs a Republican stooge to fill out their editorial page, but can't they do better than him.

The end result is so much for equal justice -- not if you are a White House official doing the dirty work for a dirty administration. Another new grab at rock bottom for the worst president in U.S. history. There is no blowjob involved here, so it won't be around the clock news like Monica Lewinski, just treason, corruption and a bending over of lady justice. The fault lies with all of us, not just the jackass dwelling in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Most of America will blow this off and watch American Idol or obsess about Paris Hilton. That's why Bush is a direct implication of our mangled priorities and not something we can dismiss and think we have nothing to do with.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Come on, Jeff, give 'em a break. Sure it's an unpopular move, politically and popularly, but if you had as much at stake from that war as Bush and his string pullers do, you too might just do old Dick a favor now and again.

Now I will admit the schrub is probably the worst president in US history, (though a case could be made for Millard Fillmore or Abe Lincoln) I don't think his is the most corrupt by any stretch of the imagination. You would probably have to go back to the JFK's group for insider economic corruption and to Teddy Roosevelt for cranking up unwarrented wars of agression. There are other contenders as well.

BTW: The link to you over at Saipanuvian Speaks is working now. Sorry for the delay.

Jeff said...

Besides nailing Marilyn Monroe, JFK started the Peace Corp and succesfully handled the Cuban Missile Crisis. W couldn't handle a Cuban Sandwich.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


Please enlighten us as to why Abe Lincoln may be one of the worst presidents ever.

Jeff said...

Because Bruce is a Southerner was my guess. He probably won't even drive a Lincoln. I wasn't taking the bateman on that one.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Well, Angelo, Jeff has something there. I am a Southerner, but that has little to do with placing Abe on the A list of worst presidents. The reason I see him as possibly the worst president is his part in starting a war to force previously volutary members of an alliance to remain in that organization when they decided to opt out.

You join Sam's Club, you later decide you would rather spend your annual dues over at CostCo. Sam Walton sends Guido out to force you to stay a Sam's Club member or kill your ass if you don't.

Force is the issue. VOLUNTARY alliance is the issue. Don't side track it - slavery was not the issue. Reprehensible, dastardly slavery was not the reason, only the excuse, and even that didn't come for two years after the start of that bloodbath begun by honestly despicable Abe.

Lincoln did not so much preserve a union as he dismantled the concept of freely associated, like minded geopolitical units acting in their own best self interest with the loosest possible umbrella of national defence, weights and measures and third party courts connecting them to each other. He killed that idea, he destroyed the great american experiment and replaced it with the rampant, ever growing central power of an increasingly totalitarian federal govenment. Little remains now of those freedoms we are celebrating today. They have been hacked from us by the power of an intrusive band of socialist minded thugs and idealogs and a massive self-feeding bureaucracy drunk on it's own power to rob, subjugate and force it's citizen pawns to their will.

Whew...and what do I really think about it?

There are other contenders, Angelo, but Abey Baby stands near the top, if not on the top of the list.

And speaking of Cuban sandwiches....boy do I envy you havinig a run at authentic Cubano food in that NYC restaurant, Jeff.

Best places for it: The Columbia Restaurant with locations in Ybor City (Tampa) and Venice, and in numerous small restaurants in Key West hwere most of the residents used to be Conchs or Cubans with a wonderful cusine that was an admixture of both. It is certainly better than the cuban food in, say, Cuba. (:-))

Anonymous said...

What if Sam Walton wanted to own those people in the blue smocks?

Southerners love to say it wasn't about slavery, it was about "state's rights." Yeah, the state's right to allow people to own other people.

Should the NAMBLA people be able to buy their own little plot of land, start their own country and practice man boy love?

That kind of tribalism you advocate is what killed Ancient Greece.

Jeff said...

Cmon now Bruce. A country isn't Wal Mart,and it was about slavery, get real now. You can't have every little segment forming their own country because they don't like something.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I would be OK with Texas breaking away. Then we could deport George W. Bush...and Jessica Simpson.