Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dick Cheney to become President today -- not a joke - fill up your tank, take cover

This is frightening on many levels:

Vice President Cheney will assume the presidency on an acting
basis today when President Bush undergoes general anesthesia for a routine colon
examination, the White House said yesterday. Bush will transfer powers under the 25th Amendment, which permits the president to voluntarily hand over authority
when he is unable to perform his duties. The White House said Cheney will
probably be in charge for about 2 1/2 hours while Bush recovers from the effects
of the sedative.

First off, how is Sean Hannity going to react when some unknown doctor has a microscope peering into his front window?

Second, can you start a war with Iran and wire transfer all the federal treasury to Haliburton in a mere 2.5 hours?

These are the questions that need asking. Amazing that Bush not being president for 2.5 hours is this scary given the 25th Amendment.

I wonder if Cheney will give the executive order to track down Brad Ruszala, given his support for Al Qaeda, hatred of freedom, NAMBLA endorsement and all the dog fights Brad attended at Michael Vick's house.


glend558 said...

Only men with hair count, baby lovers don't make any differance!
Don't worry Cheney don't have any hair. Your finger up the prez's ass don't count either. It's only manly men, who count. Brad I'm on your side. But I'm not voting for sexy men, not now, not ever. Let the women do that.

Jeff said...

Only men with hair count, baby lovers don't make any differance!

Did your mom know of your sentiments, Glen? There must have been a time you didn't agree with that, or at least it wasn't in your interest.

bradinthesand said...

given your previous post about my love of a certain baseball aficionado and former owner of the texas rangers, i think i should be okay for that two and a half hour stretch...

...derka, derka.