Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bald is beautiful

If we're going to base this election on hair and abs and height, I'm smoked, so let it be known that I can cook pretty damn well. I've been known to crack a joke or two. I'm kind to animals. I work out once in a long while, and I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski. I'm not even lying on that last one unlike Bill Clinton. Tagalog voters should know from reading this blog that I have defended my friends in the Pinoy community more than most native born Filipinos.

Don't vote for Angelo since that freaky looking SOB called me fat. I must praise EJ for being above looks in picking a man. We know for damn sure that Brad will take the female winner Boni to Jolibee, and she's already sworn off Yum Burgers. I'll do better than the Bee as hard as that sounds. Bruce is running for Saipan's Most Sexist Blogger so he might take Boni to Chicago or something, and I'm not talking about the city. As for Gus, we know musicians can't be trusted. The Doc might pass along pink eye from a patient and bring down Garapan Elementary School. I can't think of anything to dig Walt with. He's too nice to win. Let's go with that. Any of our elected officials should feel free to hire a lobbyist on the government dime to support my candidacy for Saipan's Sexiest Blogger. If you can't find it in your heart to vote for me, vote Harry, since bald is beautiful.


BoReGo said...

I can just see you cooking for us in our kitchen while all our children run around in the backyard. Tony and I will provide the Mondavi if you and Cynthia bring the chow.

Harry Blalock said...

Thanks for the encouragement Jeff, somehow my heart just isn't in blogging now. It may change, but right now I just really don't need one more thing to take heat over. As a result of this whole thing I also went in and changed all the settings on my smugmug account so now none of my photos can be downloaded unless someone buys them through the site. I wanted to have some free galleries in case someone wanted some of the pics, but now I have learned it can come back to bite you in the butt.

Hurry back, I'm ready for another dive!

The Fish said...

Amen to Ayn Rand ! :)

Enjoyed reading your 'my own personal pantheon' post. I agree about the redheads.
Big laugh on your beautify CNMI mascot and the best person to invite to a BBQ.

Curious about the twelve countries you've visited.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The best part (sorry) about bald must be that the hair does not get into, and interfere with the seal on your dive mask.

Come on out with Harry and me on a dive as soon as you can when you get back.

Bring plastic cups.


Jeff said...

I'm aware of that benefit diving wise. I may be back on Sunday. Looking forward to diving.

Jeff said...

Thailand twice, Korea lived there, Philippines a real lot, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China, Palau twice, Indonesia, Canada. There actually must be more, but I can't recall others right now.

Harry Blalock said...

Jeff, I can just see you in a public library right now going from one computer to the next voting for yourself in the poll, LOL. Whatever you pulled off, it's working, and personally I think you deserve it. Of course it could be that Boni went in and is voting for you on all the school computers just so she can have you cook her dinner. Either way, congrats!

Jeff said...

Yeah, this is shocking. Maybe it was my mudslinging. Going negative works. Ha Ha.