Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been tagged

Not quite sure of the rules on the "lasts" tagging, but perhaps there aren't any. I'll offer mine:

Last Movie I saw: Sicko. I wrote about this already. Michael Moore rules.

Last Book I read: Strangely enough, I never read much Hunter S. Thompson, so I'm taking on his opus on his journeys with the Hells Angels. So far, so good.

Last Meal: My sister in law Margie, who like all my sisters-in-law is wonderful, cooked me lasagna, as I'm spending the night at her house near Chicago.

Last spin in my Ipod: I went to the Rush concert last week and it kicked major ass. I wasn't into the latest album, Snakes and Arrows, too much, but the concert improved my appreciation for it. The song Armor and Sword is a great take on modern religion that fits my sensibilities.

Last phone call: Naturally my wife. I miss her a lot. Absence makes you appreciate what you have.

Last email: To Betty Miller in praise of her great job rejuvenating ACT and getting teachers to have the voice they should.

Last time I was infuriated: Either when the airline lost my luggage today or when Bush pardoned Scooter Libby. I kind of took the luggage in stride. I was really more frustrated than infuriated with that. Libby was prime evidence of how Bush just doesn't give a damn about the rule of law or what anyone thinks.

Last really great day: Hmm, as good as this trip has been, that day I went diving with Bruce, Harry and Angelo was a pretty great day. Maybe that day in NYC I wrote about. Can't decide.

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K. R. said...

Hi Jeff,
I've tagged you to play the 8 Random Facts game. See the post on my blog. Have a nice day! :)