Saturday, May 05, 2007

On the Dr. Tudor debate

Let me be the voice of moderation in all the acrimony being hurled about regarding Dr. Tudor, our lone private veterinarian on island. I have been using Dr. Tudor's services since I got here four years ago. I think he is a fabulous vet who knows his way around the many unique health issues facing animals here in Saipan. I have no intention at all of switching to a public clinic, and I seriously doubt people like me, CNMI expats obsessed with the well being of their pets, who I'm sure make up the crux of his business, plan to do so, either.

Dr. Tudor, you are a fine doctor offering a great service, and I hope you don't get angered by all the hostility being hurled over this issue and leave this island. We need you more than you need us. I'm sure the existence of the public clinic allows for a few animals, who for financial reasons will never see a vet the chance to get some basic care. In 2000 the census reported that 46 percent of the people here live in poverty. That number has gotten worse I'm sure with all the well documented economic issues we read about each day. People living in poverty are never going to drop a couple hundred of dollars per year on a pet. Like a lot of things, maintaining a healthy pet is expensive here, which is why I'm sure there are so many dogs living miserable lives. I also know you do a lot of pro bono work and have been a supporter of the arts. Pet care on island is a giant problem, and if someone else can help a bit, then good for the animals.

I personally would rather gouge my own eye out than watch my own pet suffer for lack of medical care to save a few bucks. I would imagine your clinic is full of pet owners who feel the same. Not everyone can get the money together to get private medical care for their pets, and I feel sorry for them and the animals. The doting on animals that is becoming an increasing part of American culture isn't very established here. Given that you are the first vet here, going to the vet probably isn't an ingrained part of the culture. In time I'm sure it will be. Dr. Dela Cruz's practice will help some animals. As a customer and animal lover, I implore you to please bear with the situation as best you can. You are needed here. The dogs and cats of the island need you. The children and adults who love those dogs and cats need you.

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I need to get in touch with you quickly. Can you send me a person to person email? My address is listed on my blog profile. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get your email address from a few other contacts. (If anyone knows Jeff's email, send it to me).

I want to confirm the accuracy of your quotes for the MP Magazine article. It's due Monday.