Monday, May 07, 2007

The Clemens Signing

I don't know what is the most ridiculous part of the Yankees signing of Roger Clemens. First, the guy turns 45 this year and signed a pro-rated $28 million contract, the highest ever for a pitcher, to pitch now in the much tougher American League. He'll be making about $1 million per start if he is healthy. Second, he'll probably win more games over the next four months than Carl Pavano will in four years costing $40 million. Pavano made two starts this year before breaking down and is now heading for Tommy John surgery and out for eighteen months plus. This after five other injuries had him out for a year and a half. Aren't you supposed to go to jail for stealing $40 million dollars? Third Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa can't get me out every other start and he cost about $50 million. Fourth, a team that spends this much money still desperately needs Clemens. The Yankees were the only major league team to lose money last year because of this crap. Not that I'm worried about George Steinbrenner's bank account. The team is worth like a billion and he paid like 20 million for it thirty years ago.

I was richly rewarded as a Yankee fan between 1996 and 2001, but this team has lost its soul. Last year they didn't even compete in the playoffs against the Tigers, and we have yet another mercenary joining up for a ridiculous amount of money. As horrible as that 2004 playoff was against the Red Sox, they at least played, good close games that could have gone either way in games 4, 5 and 6. I could live with that, but not the Tiger debacle last year. The only good news is that Red Sox fans will be foaming at the mouth. Feel free to vent Angelo.


BoReGo said...

This has nothing to do with baseball because I am clueless, but HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO!!!!

The Saipan Blogger said...

While most Red Sox fans probably loath Clemens (and Boggs and Damon and every other sell out to sign with the Evil Empire), I'm sure most of them would have liked to have seen him return to Boston for his latest final season.