Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Note to potential garment workers

I realize rural Chinese workers desperate to flee Mao's paradise by ponying up their life savings to work for $3.05 in the dying Saipan sweatshops probably don't have internet, if they did probably not an uncensored one, are able to read English, or if they can, read Saipan and Other Random Hypercritical Thoughts, but if even one does and avoids coming here to work in the garment factories, this post will be worth it.

Dear Potential Garment Worker:

Our garment factories are on their very last legs and will cease to exist entirely before the Olympics make it to Beijing. Do not give all your money to a Chinese loan shark probably kicking some money back to the local sweatshop magnate to operate this scam. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unemployed factory workers roaming our streets. Why would they need to bring you in? The factory will close, not might close, and this arrangement will not work out favorably for you. Fifteen factories have closed in the last two and a half years. Read about these people and heed their warning. Don't come here unless you are on vacation.
For the record, the fact that we (meaning our government) (meaning the garment factories) (meaning I just repeated myself since those two things are synonymous) let new garment workers in during the last six months screams, "Federalize me, we're corrupt, incompetent, idiots with zero concern for our fellow human."

2 comments: said...

i believe we need to translate this to Chinese....

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

If you know a translator who works for free, please advise.