Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wing Beach diving and other things

Let it not be said that I never changed a diaper. My five year old found this extremely amusing:

I am starting to get more into shore diving. The price at least can't be beat, and it's good exercise. I dove Wing Beach today with Mark Robertson, who took this picture. It was clear, calm and perfectly pleasant today. There isn't a permanent rope there yet, but Mark brought one. There are some triggerfish that are a bit territorial hanging out over there, so be mindful of those SOBS.

I'm also getting over my Grotto worries, as I did three dives there this week, the last with Saipan Bev, who is heading to Palau and then heading home for good. I also did a Lau Lau dive during the week - a place I'm a bit tired of diving. Scott Eck is going on vacation in late May and taking the Aquajet out of the water for several weeks, so I'm hoping to get in a Bonzai/Spotlight dive next weekend May 10 or 11 before he takes off. Leave a comment or send an email if interested in getting on that trip. There is also a lecture at American Memorial Park Monday night at 6:00 pm on Underwater Archaeology that looks fascinating.

There is a new gourmet shop next to Coffee Care where the old Wine Shop was located. I got some good quality Jasmine Tea over there, as well as some pate. They have some nice cheeses as well, and deli meat is said to be on the horizon. The place is worth checking out.


Mandaragat said...

Nice underwater pix!

Melissa said...


I was at Expressions on Saturday, and tried the Mo's Bacon Bar- a chocolate bar with Applewood Smoked Bacon in it. It sounds gross, but I loved it soooo much that I'm going back today at lunch to buy the bigger bar! I also got some smoked goat cheese, and some cabernet-soaked cheddar. But my personal favorite is Ski Queen cheese- it's a norwegian cheese that I love- it's nutty, but sweet, and goes great with fruit. I bet your kids would LOVE it. I'll bring some down for you to try. I love this shop.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I missed the underwater archeology lecture and the Breakfast with the Admiral on MOnday. After sailing dow to Tinian over the weekend I got stuck there due to adverse wind conditions and didn't come back to Saipan until Monday about dark. It took 8 1/2 hours to get back instead of the usual 3 or 4.

You make shore diving sound pleasant again...maybe I neeed to got over my laziness and start shore diving again. Or is it just that soon you will be diving in New Jersey's Pine Barrens and want to get in some dives with visibility more than a foot before you go whatever the cost in achy muscles? (:-))

Jeff said...

It was a good presentation. There are a lot of things underwater, especially in Tanapag, that people don't dive.

As for the shore diving, I had some bad experiences early on at Wing, Lau Lau and Grotto, but I now have a feel for all of them and feel confident about all of them. It helps that I have dive buddies now that really know them also. It's good exercise, and some of my old boat diving funds are going to pampers and formula now.

Shazam said...

I love the expression on your daughter's face! Priceless.

Anonymous said...

That is Dive Goddess, Rose Callier in the Wing beach shot, not Jeff BTW... ;)

Jeff said...

That is true. Usually Rose has different reasons to be at Wing Beach.

jove said...

The underwater view is so beautiful, and your daughter is so cute.