Monday, April 28, 2008

Ten thoughts on life of late -- not just baby stuff

1. My wife is just ten days removed from major baby surgery for the third and final time, and she's looking pretty hot to me already. Her diet and exercise habits are even worse than mine, but she somehow has this ability to bounce back.

2. I don't know if it's all babies, as I really don't know a damn thing about babies yet, but mine really eats a lot. So far she is actually pretty easy to deal with. She sleeps a lot, gets very red when upset, and really is only up one time each night.

3. Feeding a baby here is outrageous. It's at least $30 a week for formula, and we're only using formula as supplemental to breast feeding.

4. Having this baby has brought Cynthia and I even closer.

5. Even though she's a big baby, I still feel like I'm going to break her. She seems so fragile.

6. Leadership is essentially risk management. The OPEC president sees a possibility of oil at $200 per barrel. Our leadership is focused on the PUC board to shift the blame of the titanic increase on power that needs to occur. In short, they aren't managing the risk at all. Ed Propst is quite justified in his anger on his blog.

7. Ken Kramer wrote the best letter to the editor I've seen in a while. It's a funny and sarcastic look at the decision making process by the morons heading up this island and their latest fiasco, the idiotic anti-marine reserve resolution. Speaking of absurd, how I wish this marine park could include a chance for divers to get up there as Joe Cabrera imagines in a letter today, but there won't be any dive boats or fishing boats making that 300 mile trip under our runaway fuel costs.

8. There has been a week long respite, so now we have the fun over scrambling to buy fuel to keep the power on. School is a month delayed next year so expect a graffiti and vandalism supernova this summer, the movie theater has closed, $200 per barrel oil is being envisioned, which would translate to approximately $7.50 per gallon gas, the power is going up a lot along with everything else -- this will be a very different island next year -- one with a lot less people and a lot fewer familar faces.

9. I really have no use for soccer in general, but the men's and women's team put on a hell of a show. I didn't catch the women's game Saturday unfortunately, but I showed up on Sunday about midway to cheer on number nine and fourteen especially. I don't know if the CNMI coach heard me, but I yelled out as the game was locked at 2-2 for a while in the second half, "If you need someone to score, choose Ruszala." I was then informed by a friend that once removed a player can't return, and Ruszala played the first half. Didn't know that rule, and add one more reason I don't really dig soccer.

10. Between the soccer games and the Flametree Festival, Susupe was really rocking this weekend. It was almost like there was life and optimism for once.

Bonus: Bruce Bateman hasn't gotten his boat in the water since Harry's Ass steered it in August, he also hasn't been diving at all since God knows when, but he has found time to join a women's knitting and croshee society and no one has abused him about it yet on the blog. Did I mention he's been spending a lot of time with sailors as well.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Jeff.

Brad 'first half' Ruszala has since dropped by the blog to poke fun.

Hey, croshee is kinda fun!

Any chance I'll be the next Jollibee Male Model? Not likely.

Boni said...

Six weeks Jeff. You have to wait that long, don't be giving Cyn goo goo eyes before then:)

Jeff said...

Thanks for that reminder Boni. More earnestly, thanks for the stroller.

Marianas Pride said...

Six weeks??? Jeff, Boni has a bunch of "videos" you can borrow in the meantime.

Congrats on being a daddy again. I can't think of a more rewarding experience than fatherhood. It is nice to see another "haolepino" born into this world!

Boni said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to return them to you Ed. I'm gonna miss the Turbitts, we need to have a going away bash!

Melissa said...

Jeff, you'd be amazed at how sturdy babies actually are... you won't break her, I promise! I mean, I wouldn't actually do any tests to see how sturdy she is, but still...

She's a cutie.

Anonymous said...

By the way Jeff, I thought you might find it interesting who Lil Hammerhead is, since you've had extended dialogue through comments with her in the past. It's Jane Mack. If you'll go back and take a look at how much she tries to defend Jane Mack it will all start to make sense. There are a dozen other reasons that I know it is Jane Mack, but we'll leave those for another day. And yes I know Jane Mack has another blog, but she can't really speak her mind on that one the way she really wants to, so she's created another persona that lets her get around any ethics concerns and let's her spew her venom.

Tim said...

Jeff, first, congratulations once again on the new fatherhood gig. I helped raise my sister's kids, so don't worry about the fragile look of the baby, it is tougher than you can ever imagine.
Second, I don't know how anyone can make a living on Saipan. They other day my father was complaining because fuel in Montana was $3.50+ a gallon, which made me realize that it must be over $5.00 a gallon on Saipan now. The only good thing to come out of OPEC's new gouging prices is that lazy, fat Americans have finally discovered that they better get serious about alternative energy sources.

Jeff said...

It's like $4.30 a gallon. The weekly havoc on paying for fuel at the power plant is the even bigger problem, Tim.

Noni, I very seriously doubt your theory having been around JM a handful of times.