Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautify CNMI Mascot

If the betelnut disaster teeth make for a good mascot on the economy, then maybe Beautify CNMI could use this guy as its mascot. His job is to use his limited body weight to hold a rag on the rail of the escalator at a mall in Osaka circa 2001 and thereby remove stains and fingerprints. Gil Grissom would be pissed if there was a crime there. Man does time fly. This was taken with a 35 mm and scanned poorly when I first left the not so friendly confines of New Jersey to go overseas and took a Japan trip from Korea. I rode the escalator again to get a snapshot of this guy, whose countenance displays a singular focus on cleanliness. Congratulations to Beautify CNMI for all the great work.

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EJ said...

you write well.