Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The lack of Jesus Camacho spin from Charles Reyes

I'm watching the news on KMCV and saw two encouraging things. First was a good story by Morgan Rose asking questions about the $4,000 being thrown down the drain each month to pay Dr. Jesus Camacho as a "consultant" to write reports about a place he has been to only once (for Fitial's inaugural). The gist of the story was that Camacho wrote some useless business report from California that seemingly no one here has read, and Camacho has collected $36,000 so far with $12,000 left to set on fire. Apparently out of a sense of shame, the administration won't be renewing this guy's sordid "sole source" contract that even Fitial's own AG had issues with before the happy face was put on. Everyone knows this is public money being paid to Camacho for writing letter after letter in the Tribune praising Fitial and bashing Babauta during the campaign. Morgan did a great job of asking the good questions.

More surprising, Fitial Press Secretary Charles Reyes barely even attempted to defend this disgusting act of political patronage by his boss Governor Fitial. He didn't throw Camacho under the bus or anything, but he really didn't even attempt to lie, spin or justify this affair. He was spinning it on Harry Blalock nine months ago, but perhaps he couldn't stomach it again. This non defense might put Mr. Reyes in Fitial's doghouse, but Reyes did maintain his dignity and intellectual honesty and didn't do the usual spokesperson spin job.

I suppose highlighting a government official not lying shows you the times we live in, but these are the times we live in, so it does deserve some appropriation.

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