Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Queen has landed

My baby girl and the rest of the family arrived haggard though otherwise ok this week. I've gotten some extremely useful professional development this past week as well. My new school has far less technology than Saipan Southern, but far better teacher training and a much more extensive support system. I still haven't seen rain out here, though I did see some serious lightning. I don't think Phoenix, as hot as it is, feels anywhere near as hot as my previous locales in Saipan or the Carolinas.

In other surprises, these new HDTVs are amazing. This technology barely existed when I left, and HDTV is a quantum leap over what was previously available. One day, hopefully in time for the NFL season, I'll get one. I'll be seeing Bill Maher and the Dave Matthews band this month, and the Cowboys v. Cardinals game and the Coldplay concert in the Fall. Nice to have access to those types of things again. I'm hardly settled in, but I'm getting there. Compared to a few months ago, I have better housing, a much better car, better food available and a job with more upside potential. On the flip side, I still don't really know anyone here yet.


Boni said...

Hello Turbitts! Glad to see the gang is together again.

Brad said...

Hey Jeff! Sounds like you can really start to enjoy Phoenix now that everyone is together. It does sound like you've got a lot of choices for activities. Have fun!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The record for no rain, as I remember, is over 100 days in a row. Just remember to water the petunias.

Oh, and you can drink the abundant (even in the middle of a desert) tapwater.

There are some great hiking and exploration trails close to you. (West to the White Tank Mountains or south to the Estrella Mountains). Go early in the morning (dawn) and take the boys...they'll have a blast. Take water.

Our best to you all.

KelliOnSaipan said...

Sounds great Jeff. I'm glad you are all back together again. You likely have regular electricity you can add to your list of good things too.