Sunday, August 24, 2008

The DMB rocks Phoenix

Caught the Dave Matthews Band for the third summer in a row. This was by far the best of the three. I missed the first three songs, which aren't favorites, but sat in the 10th row from the stage for $60. Carter threw some drumsticks into the crowd and some jackass knocked down a crowd of people. I was almost one of them. The jams were quite lengthy, with #41 going on at least twenty minutes -- most of them good. That's a favorite and the first time I heard them play it live. Tonight was the first time I heard Jimi Thing as well. Lots of covers including Money and Burning Down the House.

This is the full setlist: Bartender *You Might Die Trying *Dancing Nancies *#27 *Burning Down The House *Sugar Will *Corn Bread *+Money *So Damn Lucky *#41 *Old Dirt Hill *Jimi Thing *So Much To Say *Anyone Seen The Bridge *Too Much *Stay (Wasting Time)*Don’t Drink the Water *Two Step *

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Melissa said...

A bit of trivia-I grew up with his wife, Ashley (you didn't name her after her did you?) and she was always seen as the "Nellie Olsen" of our neighborbood... no other explanation needed. I have a girlfriend from childhood whose mother is obsessed with the fact that Ashley is married to "David" as he's called around here... and my friend is a college PhD professor, brilliant in her own right. She looked at her mother and said, "Mom, we can't all just marry rock stars." Classic.