Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Lots of cool things are about to start. Real Time with Bill Maher kicked off last night. With election season in full swing, Bill should have plenty to mock about the depressing state of American politics. Next week the NFL season begins, which I'm looking forward to in a big way after eight years away. Last night we all went to University of Phoenix Stadium, host to about the best Superbowl ever last year and only about 15 minutes from my place in the west valley, and we all watched the Cardinals take on the Broncos. There were tons of people from Denver here in Phoenix for a pre-season game, and many took this game of mostly scrubs pretty seriously. This guy two seats in front of us argued with the Cardinals fan next to him like it was an Arab-Israeli negotiation. Lots of "we" words thrown around as if he were on the team. My baby girl is fascinated with lights, so she enjoyed gazing at the sky. It was the first time for both my boys to see a professional sporting event or an arena like this, so it was not a lot money well spent -- I had co-workers who gave me the seats. Thanks Bryan.


Melissa said...

Can't believe how BIG Ashley is getting!! I never thought I'd say it, but I miss you, my neighbor... and as much as I hate to ask you, what do you think of McCain's Veep pickin's? As for me, I'm stoked.

We're settling in nicely, getting used to all the brightness of the grocery store. You notice that too?

KAP said...

But it's the Cardinals

Then again, I'm a 49er diehard and they're back in the trough where I found them lo those many years ago.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the left handed compliment Melissa.

About the VP, what it tells me is that McCain's own polling looked negative enough that he had to throw a hail mary pass and do something radical like pick an unknown, unqualified from a backwater to appeal to two groups, the ignorant, anti-science religious voters skeptical of him, and peel away angry, female Hillary voters.

The end result of this election will be one of two shocking things: 1. We're stupid enough to consider another Republican after the ineptness of the last eight years. 2. We're not racist enough to elect a black guy.

I'm hoping for not racist and not dumb, but have my worries.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

There were more people at that Cards/Broncs game than live in the whole CNMI...and it's a preseason game.

If each person there just donated $3 each, we could keep the power on here for a few more days.

I'm diving on Saipan Dive's new boat this afternoon. What a beauty...46 feet, purpose built for diving, fast and comfortable. I'm looking forward to it.

Alexander starts school next week. We're wondering if there is a night school option so they can keep him then too. HEHEHHH

Not to worry, Jeff, it will matter little which republicrat is elected. America will lurch along pretty much on the same course either way.

Jeff said...

Give me an update on the dive boat. Sounds good and surprising.

I think the last eight years have proven that it does matter. It matters to the dead and maimed in Iraq. It mattered to the traumatized in New Orleans when Brownie was doing a heck of a job. It matters for the people trying to fill up their tank or can't see a doctor.

KAP said...

I'd like to hear McCain's position on science after 8 years of willful ignorance.

Shelly said...

The look on her face in that first pic of the two of you is priceless! She's adorable!!!

On Saipan said...

great family portrait!