Monday, November 09, 2009

Very disappointed in Obama so far

I see the Congress just passed the watered down health care bill. There are a few improvements such as removing the whole pre-existing condition scam, but overall this, like the entire Obama presidency thus far, is a vast disappointment. It's nice not to have a complete moron in charge, but the man is far too willing to compromise with lunatics who never have and never will be reasonable or play fair.

When Bush was in office, that crop had the votes and just did what it wanted to do. They give the impression they at least believed in all their evil, misguided deeds. The Dems, as always, are wishy washy and spineless. They send the message they don't even really believe in what they're doing. Obama can't even tell students to take responsibility for themselves, set goals and study hard without it becoming a controversy. At my school all the teachers were given an explicit directive not to show Obama's speech, not that I planned to. This made me half wonder if I was still allowed to tell my students to study hard and set goals for themselves. That phony controversy should have made everything clear to him about the crop he was trying to woo.

This week the Democrats lost a governorship in a Democratic state, my state, of New Jersey. I would bet the house they lose the house in the mid-terms next election. What will be left is this presidency will be Clinton without the sex scandals -- a talented man accomplishing little and being a vast disappointment. I hope I'm wrong.


KAP said...

Welcome to the Republic. You're suffering from expectation inflation.

Obama seems to have stopped, and in some cases reversed, the privatization of the federal government. Not that I'm against that in theory, but in Bush's world that meant paying more for less service.

EPA, the Energy Department, Interior and a host of others seem to actually be trying to enforce their enabling laws. We seem to be lowering the testesterone in our foreign policy-- though Afghanistan scares me.

So. A left-of-center Democrat with a lot of ties to business. What did you expect?

The professional shoe-throwers you're talking about have always been around. Personally, I think their influence is overstated.

KAP said...

Oh, Matt Taibbi wants to hear from people in the Phoenix/Tempe area.

Jeff said...

I guess I thought they'd go for some long overdue payback and just treat the Republicans like they're irrelevant, which they were. The Dem wishy washyness adds to the GOP's limited mojo and makes them more effective obstructionists.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

They differ from each other as the pea differs from the pod. Both grow on and suck the life from the same plant. The Dems want to grow the federal government by 6% and the Reps want to 'conservatively' only grow it by 4.5%. The difference is in their respective rhetorics, not in their actions. Both are the tools of rampant socialism. In some cases willing, in others just the usual dupes along for the self interest ride that governments always produce.