Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bush redux

The only upside to Fitial's victory is that I'm eager to see the opus written by Ed Propst capturing the outrage over the cosmic absurdity of what just happened. This event is an eery reminder of Bush's re-election in 2004: Very obviously a bad decision at the time, but a cautious "let's stick with our guy" mindset. With warning signs more than clear, a selfish electorate in an issueless race, drunk on fear given recent events, again empowered a dipshit. Let me restate -- maybe the shock will wear off: Saipan, on the precipice of complete meltdown, re-elected a demonstrably corrupt, incompetent, misguided moron. I can't help but think that this is what is deserved. I've not been this annoyed by something that has so little impact on me in a long time.
For anyone curious about the origin of the pic, I google imaged WTF and went with that one.


Spoon said...

I was curious about the pic... thanks.

Jeff said...

You must reconfigure the flux capacitor and make sure the dilithium crystals are charged and fully connected to the warp drive.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Oh I dunno Jeff, the promised addition of the peanut butter and shoe factories along with our open arms to any dishonest and immoral persons who wish to operate a completely unregulated and near tax-free business (like a shooting range perhaps) does offer great hope for a speedy economic recovery here on the Rock.

We also have high hopes that the electorate's decision of tackling our problems via the leadership of outside-the-box thinkers of the past such as Froilan, Why Not and Stanley the Bird Hunter will end up being the right one as well.

Fortunately we didn't let in those young whippersnappers like Tina and Angelo, who have nothing but Change on their minds, to ride in waving the flag of federalization and telling us where to pick up trash and who can and can't fish in the lagoon.

Who needs a functioning hospital anyways? When it's your time, you're not supposed to fight it.

So how about that Barack, huh? And I thought he meant all those things he said during the campaign.

So how're things in AZ?

bigsoxfan said...

Democrats eating their young, again.