Sunday, September 07, 2008

The magic of Google

I found out today that this blog is a first page google search for the term Cilantro Erections, and I just wanted to thank the good people of Google for that promotion.

I also found out today out that there is apparently a positive side to global warming: archaeological discoveries in the melting ice.

In matters of my erstwhile home, Harry Blalock is joining the long list of folks exiting Saipan. My buddy Zaldy Dandan is always spot on in assessing the nonsense of CNMI life, but Harry has also been quietly doing amazing spot on analysis in his Food For Thought blog. How much longer until the only two people left on Saipan are Bruce Bateman and Lil Hammerhead? How sad things have become in my former home. At the same time, the people got what they voted for -- no accountability as they cling to the stubborn hope that it will suddenly be 1992 again and the same old nonsense will work.

Locally, I've written before about what a bunch of mindless ninnies this country has become, but I've noticed a new piece of evidence that is worse in some ways than the no water on airplanes thing and the five shoe checks. I've been carded every time I've had a drink here. I went to watch the Thursday night NFL season opener with some colleagues and they carded me. I bought a margarita at the DMB concert and the same thing happened. If you look less than forty, you get carded in Arizona. The waitress told me that the alcohol board comes in regularly and checks if they actively card 36 year olds who just ordered the first round. What a silly, silly country we have become.

In October, I get some time off from school, and I may make a journey to Sedona and Las Vegas. Vegas is about a five hour drive from Phoenix, and there are other stops on the way like Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon to break that up. I found a couple of cheap Vegas hotel deals on Expedia. There really is so much to do out here that it is amazing. Tomorrow we're heading out to see an Imax film on the Grand Canyon after the NFL season kicks off. The football schedule is much more convenient here, and especially nice on Pacific Time.

In local culinary adventures, I made a lobster ravioli in a sherry cream sauce that disappointed. I wasn't satisfied with the Chicken Marsala I made with it, either. I did make a fabulous turkey dinner last weekend, which now only costs ten bucks being back in civilization. I also made a pasta with squid and mussels in a marinara sauce that rocked, and a pizza with fresh mozzarella that was damn good with my new pizza stone. Trader Joes is another sight for sore eyes. I got fresh mozzarella on the cheap there, some organic french roast coffee and some Thai and Indian curries in a bottle that were both good.

Access to events is also getting me excited. I've seen Dave Matthews and Bill Maher since I got here. I'll catch the Dallas Cowboys here in October. Coldplay comes in November, as does Doug Stanhope. If there is a dive spot in Mexico I can drive to, I've heard Rocky Point is weak, I'll really be happy. Since I may not dive for almost a year, I'm going to try to make up for it and go on a Red Sea liveaboard off Cairo when school lets up. I've been reading a lot of Egyptian history and am really eager to see Egypt. Anthony Bourdain has a great travel/food show on and did a piece on Egypt that intrigued.

On the local level, my kids have adjusted real well to a new school in a new country. Carl, despite being by far the smallest kid in his class, is apparently the top basketball player, and Alex is drawing raves for his artistic ability as a kindergartner. My beautiful daughter continues to get more animated. She moves around more and more. She makes cooing duck noises for about 30 minutes when she wakes up each morning, and I've already come to loath Barney with a degree of intensity normally reserved only for George W. Bush or the Boston Red Sox.

Finally, I found it beyond revolting that people who should be voices for the environment and marine conservation, Sylvan Igisomar and Dr. John Joyner, are out whoring for an incompetent, unpopular moron like Ben Fitial in this idiotic stand against a marine monument in the Marianas. Sometimes I am amazed at how cheaply people sell themselves out. I must, however, give props to that outfit John Joyner is wearing in this video.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

"Finally, I found it beyond revolting that people who should be voices for the environment and marine conservation....."

Tit for tat:

I am repulsed that you live in a country that has completely lost it’s moral compass and yet insists it must be the world’s policeman. Further, it has lost what remained of a reputation for fairness and justice squandered over the last 50 years and has made enemies of most every nation on earth not actively involved in an oil deal with it.

I demand to know what you are going to do about it, Jeff. (Other than vote for a man likely to try and take the country even further down the loser’s path to Socialism – change wise). What? The prez is not listening to you? Throw the bum out.

Yeah, I like those Joyner togs too. I’m thinking KISS concert.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yes, Rock Point is very weak, in just about all respects. Diving,, okay but a long ride,..... culture,retired Americans and more like a border town.

Try one of the live aboards for some really great Baja Gulf diving. Shark swirls and Whale sharks. Clear water and great rock formations. Lots to see.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I have a shirt like that. I'm going to wear it tomorrow and post it on my blog.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

...but I don't own any green pants.

KelliOnSaipan said...

I saw the J Joyner outfit up close. It was vibrant. Yeah, I was confused as to why those two took the side of monument issue that they did. Didn't seem to mesh with their jobs out here. But I've learned things are often not as they seem on paradise island.

Jeff said...

I prefer socialism to the oligarchy and plutocracy we have now. It's your country too, Bruce. You don't have to convince me that the government over the last eight years has been disastrous.
They took up because that was what the boss wanted Kelli. Apparently the boss being an incompetent, unpopular nimrod in Governor Nero doesn't change things.
I demand you take on Joyner in a cool threads competition. In fact, except for the fact that you'd lose, I'd say let's make this a yay or nay on who can wear the coolest threads. Maybe you can borrow that hot pink suit of Ambrose?

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Ah Jeff ;} Been here close to five decades.. I figure I've got two or three good ones left, and they will be spent right here.

Reccomendations for Arizona:
*casa grande hohokam structure
*Montezuma's Castle cliff dwellings
*Tonto Bridge state park (near Payson)
Fight that urge to go to Winslow.. it's a dragstrip through the desert, and there are no "girls" in flatbed Fords there, that might in any way entice the vision-abled to jump in.

KAP said...

The oldest I've ever carded was 34 (well, a couple of grandmas but that was PR). I bought him a drink, though he thanked me for the compliment. Then again, I'd card anyone who blanched at the sight of beer.

The problem here, and I see no solution, was flagged by Zaldy: the majority of voters are dependent on government jobs. They may bitch about somebody else with a similar deal but they don't want to change the system.

The Governor and Mayors need political hires to stay in office and the legislators need their slush funds to power their carousel spin at the brass ring.

Your comment on Bruce and the HH reminded me of the black/white white/black aliens on Star Trek, locked in their own dimension choking each other into infinity.

Shelly said...

I was just googling Cilantro Erections and I found you!

Lil' Hammerhead said...

I loved that episode Kap. In our case, however, one of us is checkered.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I saw that one as well, Ken. In this case though one is yellow and couldn't stay to the end for fear someone would find out who he/she/ it is.

So, amarillo one, when was the last time you were at Tonto Bridge? I used to spend some time there exploring the countryside.

Marianas Eye said...

Congratulations on your Google ranking. Glad to see you're doing well, and keeping your edge.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Dave, I thought you gave up on the blogs?

Marianas Eye said...

I didn't give up on the blogs. I just gave up on blogging maniacally. I still check in on my friends once in a while.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

In the early 90s right after it opened. Packs of peccary running around, ground squirrels. We own properties in Strawberry, just up from the site.

That should get your "research" going.